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by:Ventech     2021-01-26
Choose fire phenol phenolic insulation board insulation board of six kinds of reasons for
phenolic insulation board is also called phenolic insulation board is also called decorative fireproof board, high pressure, formerly known as thermosetting resin impregnated paper high-pressure decorative laminated board, abbreviations for HPL. It is made of phenolic resin impregnated paper as the core, The bottom) Layer and amino resin ( Mainly melamine resin) Impregnated paper as the surface of the heating and the pressure of not less than mpa after processing, the production of indoor decorative surface materials. Has wear-resisting, heat resistance, impact resistance, acid and alkali resistant, smoke, fire prevention, prevent bacteria, mildew and antistatic properties. Phenolic insulation board is generally used in table, desktop, wall, cabinets, office furniture, condole ark, etc.

it is understood that the vast majority of the surface of the inferior phenolic insulation board wear-resisting layer, and to reduce its brittleness also reduced the curing, significantly reducing its abrasion resistance, scratch resistant and high temperature resistant performance, etc. Inferior phenolic insulation board is generally has the following characteristics: obviously uneven color, easy to fracture cracking-off, design and color is simple, in addition, its heat resistance, alkali resistance, wear-resisting degree is relatively poor.
to now in the market of the most common phenolic insulation board surface, for example, its price is low, wear-resisting, scratch resistant, high temperature resistant, radiation resistant, resistant to pollution, impact resistant, easy cleaning, etc, and was deeply loved by consumers. However, currently on the market, manufactured shoddy phenomenon is also common occurance. Inferior phenolic insulation board because to reduce costs, the more to imitate foreign and rough color paper, because use inferior ink and poor quality control, color paper bleaching and color difference occur easily. And, the color paper and kraft paper adopted by the fiber array uniformity is poor, lead to the smoothness of the final product. What's more, due to its poor uniformity of the fiber arrangement, will lead to the internal stress of the balance, and cause craze, cause the product deformation and bubbling etc. In addition, due to inferior materials and backward equipment and technology, the various durable performance is very low.
choose fire phenolic insulation board:
and environmental protection: rock wool, glass wool has harm to environment and people, polyurethane, polystyrene combustion heat will break out of the toxic gas such as hydrogen cyanide and carbon monoxide. Phenolic insulation board with cfc-free foaming technique, no fiber, conform to national and international environmental requirements.
and sound absorption performance: phenolic insulation board with excellent sound absorption performance, open groove bubble structure is more advantageous to sound absorption;
, density is small, light weight, the density of phenolic insulation board for below ㎏ / m, can achieve ㎏ / m or so. Can reduce the building self-respect, reduce the load of the building, reduce the cost of the structure, and the construction is simple, fast, and can improve the work efficiency;
, corrosion resistant, anti-aging, almost all inorganic acid, organic acid, organic solvent resistance of erosion. Long-term exposure to sunlight, no obvious aging phenomenon, thus has good aging resistance;
and excellent heat insulation performance, low thermal conductivity, < 。 W/m× K for eps times, close to pu) , good for heat preservation, heat insulation materials;
and excellent fireproof performance: the organic heat preservation material such as polyurethane and polystyrene, after burning, can produce smoke and poisonous, easy to cause death, fire fighting and also increase the difficulty. And phenolic non-combustible insulation board in the fire, burning performance up to A level, the highest temperature for ℃ ( Allow instantaneous ℃) , mm thick flame resistance of the phenolic foam can reach more than hours and not get through. The flame with a knot under the direct effect of carbon, without dripping, curly, no melting phenomenon, after the flame surface forming a layer & other; The graphite foam & throughout; Foam structure layer, the effective protective layer.
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