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Class A fire resistant phenolic board

by:Ventech     2020-12-14
Phenolic plate a-class fire prevention materials obturator rate is 95%, high obturator rate reduce the convection heat transfer, is the prerequisite of high heat insulation. Its coefficient of thermal conductivity with polystyrene board the coefficient of thermal conductivity of basic quite, can meet the demand of building insulation insulation. No matter from its fire prevention function, or from its insulation principle, we can see, this is a very suitable for application to the material in the construction engineering, energy conservation and environmental protection, non-toxic harmless, which is exactly what we need.

phenolic sheet processed phenolic plate, which is applied to the external wall insulation system, is a kind of insulation effect and the effect is very good fireproof materials. And construction is convenient, lightweight, energy saving effect. Studies found that the material at the time of combustion, not like some foam material to produce large amounts of smoke, from this perspective, it is a environmental protection material. http://www。 fenquanbn。 com
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