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Environmental protection and energy saving building materials phenolic plate in the future

by:Ventech     2020-12-13
You a lot of building materials are different, the main is based on energy conservation and environmental protection as the main premise. May be a lot of all don't know your name, such as phenolic board often appear around us, maybe you will feel strange, don't even know what it is.

a listen to this name let people associated with the combination of chemicals, standard, actually he is not belong to the kind of chemicals. It is a substance made of phenolic foam, this kind of material has been widely used in foreign countries, is in the development and popularization stage in our country. Main feature is the insulating heat insulation performance is superior, the good fireproof performance, although the quality of a material is very love but not ran around and melting, will not release harmful material and gas, also do not have any side effects. Is currently on the market of the latest model of building materials, some residents shelter and safe passage of ordinary shopping malls, promoted by relevant departments listed in the key projects, the future will be the world.

phenolic foam or internationally recognized among the most promising of a new type of insulating material. Because, this kind of new material and usually rely on polymer resin flame retardant materials have different nature, in the fire is not burning, not melt, wouldn't be sending out toxic fumes, and have light, non-toxic, non-corrosive, advantages of energy-saving, sound insulation, insulation, and low price, and don't use freon foam, no environmental pollution, good processability, construction is convenient, its comprehensive performance is unmatched by all kinds of insulation materials. Gm in hotels, apartments, hospitals and other senior and the insulation of the high-rise building central air conditioning system ( Hong Kong's senior building central air conditioning system has been most use phenolic foam) 。 Cold insulation for cold storage, cold storage and used in the petrochemical industry of pipeline and equipment, building partition wall, outer wall insulation composite board, ceiling, sound-absorbing board has the undisputed comprehensive advantages, such as solving the fire prevention performance is not ideal, other organic materials and inorganic material bibulous rate is big, easy & other; Dewing & throughout; , construction problem such as skin tickling, when is the air conditioning system, all kinds of electric equipment of the third generation of the best insulating materials.

the greatest characteristic of the material is fire insulation performance is superior, more than the rest of the any product on the market. Unlike previous chemical products, produce smoke and poisonous after burning, had a great influence on the environment and personnel, after scientists research, found that the phenolic foam phenolic plate is the most stable industrial raw material, burning resistance and corrosion resistance is very good, stable performance. You can use for a long time at high temperature deformation, but also can be recycled again. Heat is the most advantage of it, low ignition point, even if ran around will not release toxic substances, will not melt. By the national and the promoting of the enterprise, the industry will become the future of monopoly industries. http://www。 fenquanbn。 com
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