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Exterior wall insulation board equipment common failures and troubleshooting methods _ langfang three friends of insulation materials co. , LTD

by:Ventech     2021-01-23
Exterior wall insulation board equipment common failures and troubleshooting methods phenolic insulation board
in the exterior walls often have some problems and trouble, langfang sail today talk about external wall insulation board equipment common failures and troubleshooting methods.
no, exterior wall insulation board equipment foam generator foaming: if steel ball into the cement in the foam generator and corroded seriously foaming quality are likely to decline, even not foam.
2, exterior wall insulation board equipment hydraulic parts: motor weakness: the main cause of motor weakness on the left side of the pressure gauge pressure is low, the adjustable overflow valve manually to Mpa, such as adjustable hand overflow valve not booster, could be manually overflow valve block, can unload the overflow valve cleaning ( After the clean with gasoline with high pressure air to blow dry again after installed, be sure to carefully)
3, slurry, square box back to pulp conveying parts: is caused by wear leather cup, must change into a new cup. , transmission oil cylinder head after reversing: is caused by inductive switch or relay ablation serious, must be replaced, paying attention to relay model and the switch model ( Inductive switch is composed of a often opened a normally closed)
4, mud pump into the water: the main cause of the slurry into the pump is not closed in time after downtime manual check. Must pay attention to, because after downtime line memory has a certain pressure, can cause foaming cement to the foam generator and air bag and the high pressure pump delivers, so after downtime manually check valves must be closed.
5, exterior wall insulation board equipment separation, separation is the separation of cement and foaming agent, that is, from the surface of the water looks quite much, above is a layer of water in a minute, here is a layer of cement, no bubble. The causes of separation of main is no bubble. May look up the observation mouth foam is normal, if the normal, the function switch to the stop position, and the foam generator on both valve closed, the air bag can gauge pressure to kq, to the safety valve will automatically after the KP exhaust is normal, ( Sometimes the lower normal, high separation, majority is pump or pump pressure caused by the short) , if the observation mouth foam could be high pressure water pump is not normal delivery or foaming agent is caused by high pressure pump is not cheer, and if the steel ball in the foam generator impregnated with cement can also appear not bubble. Above all foaming machine look more complex, can separate the various parts into parts ( Air pump, water pump, foam generator) Is relatively simple.
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