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Glass cotton lap blanket sound absorption characteristics

by:Ventech     2020-12-14
Sound absorption characteristics of centrifugal glass wool not only related to the thickness and density, also related to finish data, tectonic structural elements such as. Also need to be together as a whole in building use cost, beautiful, fire prevention, moisture, dust and ageing resistance and so on many questions. Centrifugal glass wool pipe is dedicated to all kinds of pipe ( Contains, refrigeration, hot water, steam) The insulation of the system, can in no higher than 454 ℃ ambient temperature to work properly, has revealed that shade. Glass cotton lap blanket, glass wool.

due to the data of pipe sleeve has a waterproof, anti-corrosion, not moldy, not living the characteristic of the insect, which can effectively prevent condensation, avoid frozen pipes, is many used to civil building, heat pipe, air conditioning, refrigeration and the equipment of the insulation, heat insulation, energy saving effect 15 - progress 30%.

in melting state, with the aid of the external force blow flocculent formats to jilt into fine fibers, fiber and fiber for interchange, between each other together, presents many subtle gap. This gap can be regarded as pore. Therefore, glass cotton can be regarded as porous materials, has excellent thermal insulation, sound absorption function. According to the world health organization (who) subordinate agencies of the world cancer research agency announced in 2002 monographs, glass quilt judged & other; The third kind & throughout; Namely, & other Throughout the carcinogen &; 。 http://www。 fenquanbn。 com
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