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How do you determine the phenolic insulation board fire rating

by:Ventech     2020-10-14
From phenolic insulation board combustion performance can better determine whether phenolic plate has better fire prevention ability, can be achieved in decorate construction safety is make sure those goals are met. Phenolic insulation board manufacturer in the production of high quality phenolic insulation board fire rating is better, can have a good flame retardant fire prevention, insulation adiabatic effect, so for common use in the construction industry. So how do you determine the phenolic insulation board fire rating?

the construction of phenolic plate in order to ensure that has a better insulation performance, achieve good fireproof effect, we need to find a good manufacturer, to ensure that the process is more outstanding. Phenolic composite insulation board construction requirements, of course, is also high, according to its flame retardant fire prevention, insulation performance is better, and then choose the appropriate phenolic insulation board.

select phenolic insulation board in the construction needs to have a better testing data, through the phenolic insulation board testing data to choose to be better, and can eventually bring the quality of the feeling will be more prominent. To make better overall benefit, must from the perspective of a more reasonable, is the only way to eventually bring good performance.

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