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How is phenolic insulation board air conditioning construction

by:Ventech     2020-10-06
Air conditioning phenolic insulation board is now is very important in building insulation materials, our phenolic insulation board manufacturer product environmental protection performance is very good, can live outside of high temperature resistance, good fireproof performance, combustion will not deformation, very practical, so important air conditioning phenolic insulation board, ordinary building air conditioning applications how should the construction? Phenolic insulation board manufacturer to teach you.

the first air conditioning phenolic insulation board can use the light steel keel construction, will need to be modified phenolic insulation board fixed on the keel, do not have crack, avoid leaking; If you don't transparent curtain wall, can put the insulation board fixed on the wall, closed up and better protective effect.

first start where support, small make up mortar, stick phenolic insulation board on the wall, good insulation nails under the fixed, avoid off. After glued insulating board need to place all day to cover the construction, and then in the external layer construction also need to wait 24 hours, fixed, let they can fully play a better insulation effect. Composite phenolic foam insulation board is the insulation at the same time also have adornment effect, so is compared commonly pay attention to beautiful.

for the density and thickness of the insulation board is all have certain specifications, the specification is more, but more to us, if you want to know, can contact our factory, and then give you answer in detail.

air conditioning good or phenolic insulation board construction under the guidance of professionals, we can provide you with professional solutions and professional technology, welcome to buy.

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