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Insulation board have been theft, white flakes flooded village _ langfang three friends of insulation materials co. , LTD

by:Ventech     2021-01-23
Insulation board have been theft, white flakes flooded village phenolic insulation board
to see to the bad weather, & other; A warm house & throughout; Construction in full swing & ndash; — In shandong YiAn village temple street, shenhe district residents of beaming at the same time, there are also some concerns: construction material improperly secured, leading some sundry to push & other DaoQiLv & throughout; In and out of the village & other Garbage collector & throughout; ; Inside the village construction management, making the construction waste blow away in the wind, like a big rubbish dump & hellip; … Month, shenyang evening news reporter walked into YiAn village, the s. & other A warm house & throughout; A string of disharmonious notes in engineering.
white flakes submerged area
& other; Too bury! You see, the wind blows, filled with insulation board. ” Residents said wong, one side with a gauze veil. One side, the other a few residents have been crushed makes coughing, some even lost their eyes.
in under the guidance of residents, shenyang evening news reporter comes to six weft road building downstairs, see greatly small insulation board is cut apart, there are broken ground insulation board. A gust of wind blows, small insulation board cutout will blow away in the wind, the trees, lawns, corridor, road, was all covered with a layer of glistening & other; Coat & throughout; 。
farther south, in the building, the above phenomenon is more serious. A line of parked cars all became & other; Look & throughout; , the ground covered with paper, ropes, one can only be lifting scaffold erected in a unit at the door, and residents are mostly tiptoed, lest by sharp objects to plunge into the feet.
insulation board have been stealing
& other; Recyclers, garbage collector and some social other people into the village. ” Residents in YiAn village gate of Peking University, liu is very angry, but very helpless.
shenyang evening news reporter observed that village in north and south, east and west have a export respectively, the north and the south have iron gate. “ Since & lsquo; A warm house & rsquo; Out of motor vehicle engineering, in order to facilitate transport material village, only four open doors. ” Liu said, but as a result of mismanagement of construction units, insulation board throughout the area, the same day, and pursued my vovage liu busy housework in his window, looking from the window, a man riding a bicycle into the village, seeing no one, after took two big bundle of insulation board, quickly tied on the bicycle, then leave by bike.
“ Heard that a piece of insulation board value yuan, after they stole, sold to the junkyard and qualified products such as waste treatment, it's really make people love dearly! ” Mr Liu said.
in the process of the interview, shenyang evening news reporter saw a & other; DaoQiLv & throughout; , after pulling away from the gate insulation board swaggering and roared off.
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