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Judge polyurethane board quality method

by:Ventech     2020-12-04
My company is a company specializing in the production of polyurethane plate, pu heat preservation material such as polyurethane insulation board of polyurethane manufacturers, our company has its own unique insights on many problems, small make up today to share with you my company on the question of how to determine polyurethane board quality unique insights.

( 1) Windows and doors hole polyurethane plate, for example. Near the window of the lateral wall insulation shall be carried out according to the design freedom. Sound insulation noise reduction and comfortable and comfortable temperature insulation layer, a new STP temperature closed bubble structure of its internal to self, have a wonderful sound insulation. Hemispherical emittance thermal radiation on the hemisphere underlying purpose radiant exitance and all is in not thin radiation ( In bold) The ratio of radiant exitance. Artificial hybrid mix should be the first dispatch of water and cement average into slurry, then the slurry evenly on quantitative vermiculite, increases with the increasing pouring mix until an average. Not different, process and methods used thermal insulation engineering, each ~ m product is divided into a training group, lack of m should be divided into a training group. Product quality advantages: the qualitative light, short simple construction, excellent moisturizing protective impregnation, constant over a long service life, in the future market will be dominant, and today market according to the amount is only 2% market sales.

( 2) Box stick method, adopt bonding mortar in a circle around vitrified microsphere, polyurethane board daub glue, wide, heart plate is the plum flower form layout sticking point, spacing and diameter of
( 3) Plate and related as follows: vitrified microsphere, polyurethane adhesive product should not be less than. Injection molding foam, then will be foam slurry injection mold, about 2 - foaming process 5 minutes. So the international restrictions have been put forward. Paste the mesh cloth cover wide scale daub mucilage on double bag net cloth. Product quality by the national wall materials testing center testing, the indicators for the entire quantity of jc/t698 - reach or exceed national industry 998 scale, high technological content, good quality, no trade risk.

creature custody when placing polyurethane board at the bottom should level off, as far as possible to avoid sunlight and rain to prevent long time make its deformation area, avoid mechanical impact, all kinds of classification system of material is placed, avoid to use. Thickness of protect layer and organs practice should be appropriate building energy efficiency design guaranteed the average layer thickness. Layer anti-crack mortar should completely cover the grid cloth, surface roughness content coating decorative surface. Water resistance, moistureproof function of outer aluminium zinc plate, plate with adjacent gusset plate is linked together, no cracks, with polyurethane foam foam to caress, is bibulous rate is low, moistureproof and seepage prevention function is admirable. The height of 3 m below the room wall screed blunt four general average installed; Windows and doors on the mouth of the cave, lower average each blunt two way. Take the length required appropriate defined. Outer cover can be centrally refresh, don't have to be in the interior construction, do not affect indoor and in common nearly normal work and living, in addition, the exterior, bao bao 臵 in the main structure of the lateral section to the interior space, have land increases the eve of the area.

I believe you for how to choose good quality polyurethane board already had certain views. Believe that you can choose to fit their products, our company is one of the excellent pu heat preservation material production factory, welcome to choose and buy!
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