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Phenolic board application requirements

by:Ventech     2020-09-30

phenolic board need not join any flame retardants, oxygen index can be up to 54. Adding inorganic filler high-density phenolic foam plastic oxygen index of 60 ~ 70, combustion can reach A level grade, high proportion of carbon atoms in the molecular structure of phenolic resin and phenol molecules is good absorbent, free radicals in the pyrolysis process of free radicals generated by the fracture of A brace bridge quickly absorbed by phenol molecules and tissue reaction to continue and met burning surface can form the structure of carbon foam 'graphite foam layer, effectively protect the layer of foam structure, at the side of the material when burning, on the other side of the high temperature will not go up, don't spread, after the flame is removed, automatic fire extinguishing. Because of the existence of graphite layer surface without dripping, curly, no melting phenomenon, do not have the fire flame propagation, burns the most great smoky density was less than 5, phenolic only hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen molecules, in the high temperature decomposition, can only produce a product of hydrogen, carbon and oxygen, except a small amount of CO, without any other toxic gases, so also facilitate firefighters rescue when fire breaks out.
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