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Phenolic board common remind colored construction need to be aware of the problem

by:Ventech     2020-10-01

is not literally can chengdu choi steel construction, it needs to pay attention to several problems, from the following several ways to read should pay attention to those problems in the construction?

first, choi steel installation way of fixed transmission and hidden-interlocking concealment type two kinds. Fixed transmission is commonly used way of roof and metope color steel plate installation, with self tapping screw or rivet color plate fixed to the support member ( Such as purlin) Peak fixed, trough, fixed transmission is divided into fixed or their combination. Hidden-interlocking concealment type is fixed and dark buckle type color plate, form a complete set of special dark buckle fixed to the support member (first Such as purlin) Rib, the mother of choi and dark buckle at the center of the rib of tooth fixed method, commonly used in the installation of roof panel.

second, color plate lateral and end lap. When installing each piece of steel plate, should be put before the joints edge accurately on a steel plate, and with a steel plate before clamping, until plate fixed on both ends. A simple and effective method is to use a pair of clamp pliers clamp shelter lap steel plate respectively. Along the longitudinal steel in place, its department especially the upper department need pliers clamp on part, which can ensure that at the end of the steel plate in place, and make the end of the lap joint is in a correct position, so as to hold the steel plate, in the process of fixed, clamp should always be in a vertical clamp plate. Before installing the next piece of steel plate, each steel plate must be fully in place. Fixed must begin with the center of the plate, and then out to the sides stretch, fixed plate's lap. For end lap due to roof and wall plate shape is made with the method of continuous processing, therefore may according to the transportation conditions limit the length of the supply of steel plate, usually don't need a lap, steel plate length is enough to meet the needs of the roof laying.

for the field processing and transport, two short pieces of steel plate if necessary to cover the whole length by end lap, each column of steel plate lap sequence from bottom to top, and then put down a column. To use the method of transmission fixed roof and wall steel plate side lap to locate on the support. The slope in the 1/12 ( 50) ~ 1/4 ( 150). Between the roof and steel end overlapping length of at least 200 mm; The slope is more than a quarter ( 150). Overlapping length, and at least 150 mm, and the halfway point of the steel plate end overlap should be in the center of the support member. Wall panel small overlapping length is 100 mm.

the selection of the third, self-tapping screw. Set screw selection should be fixed are selected according to the service life of the structure, caigang in sichuan, and pay special attention to the life of the overlying material with a specified fixed parts of life. At the same time pay attention to the thickness of the steel purlin cannot exceed screw drilling ability. The current supply of screws with plastic head, stainless steel roof or coated with special durable protective layer. In addition, in addition to the dark buckle fixed with screw, the other screw with waterproof washer, and aiming at the condition of the plate and special air pressure are equipped with the corresponding special gasket.

4, the installation of color plate is easy to master, and some of the detail of the processing is important. For roofing with color plate should be in the roof and the roof will color plate accordingly on work, its purpose is to more effectively prevent the rain into the roof.

roof plate, where the roof can be used as tools in steel chassis fold up between the terminal rib. It is used for all the slope is less than 1/2 ( 250). With the top of the roof steel to ensure that in the water board or below the cover plate by the wind into the water will not flow into the building. Closed while operation can be implemented in steel plate positioning before, can also be implemented in steel plate after installation, but after a method with sufficient clearance to be at the top of the steel plate ( About 50 mm) Operation, easy to accept edge tool. The specific operation method is: put on tool sits above the steel terminal chassis will slide Yu Gangban tool on as soon as possible, the more the better. Holding plate terminal in tools, fold up the chassis, the folding of about 800. As mentioned above, bending each chassis. When the plate was used in slope is less than 1/5 ( 100). Roof, chassis ends of the bottom of steel plate shall be bent slightly downward ( The lip shaped) , can use the same as tools to implement, which can guarantee the rain down the plate terminal is expelled, and not because of the capillary or wind back to the flat bottom of the chassis.

downward flanging operation must be fixed to the roof steel, otherwise the operation will be obstacles. The side end of the folded plate, pry tools under the appropriate open mouth, the tool clamp chassis side, try to push. Tools to at the end of the chassis, will handle moved about 200 at the same time, so in the end of the steel plate is ministries has been formed by folding.

for very long roof steel, should be set expansion node, distance shall not be greater than the data listed in the table below, in order to overcome the longitudinal thermal displacement. It, for through the fixed between two telescopic nodes, only can set a fixed lap penetration.

in general, in all metals used in roof and wall panels, steel heat bilges cold shrink yes so far.

in fact, after the steel plate terminal and support between the expansion or contraction of displacement is only a small part of the data shown in the table, because be fixed displacement of steel plate, usually starts from the center toward Yu Gangban each end. Each side displacement is only half the amount of expansion and contraction. Also in the frame of the building structure or roof displacement, there are some temperature changes while less roof so big, but still reduce the roof panel and the displacement between the bearing surface. , due to the buckling purline, especially in across, further reducing the differential displacement.

the contour plate has a corresponding molding foam sealing strip. When they are embedded in the bearing surface and roof plate underneath the roof (between Used as a roof seal) The seal at the bottom of the belt can prevent the dust, insects, birds, rodents and rain into the rib space.

can along the water down to the bottom of the plate and the cover plate, a top outline shape of the embedded between the water below the plate and the top of the roof plate, proper fixed with double-sided adhesive, so as to play a role similar to the seal. This is important, not such processing, will cause the leakage of the building.

5, color plate in the south, general design for the single color plate, in order to reduce the sun radiation heat into the building interior, when installing a roof panel, you can load thermal insulation in the roof system. There is a very simple, economic and effective method, namely before installing the roof steel purlin or lath with double reflection on foil membrane, this method also can be used as a steam isolation, to reduce the cohesion function.
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