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Phenolic board insulation effect has a long history

by:Ventech     2020-12-16
Phenolic plate has a long history and is composed of thermosetting phenolic resin, curing agent, flame retardant and smoke suppression agent, foaming agent, and other additives, and other substances, through scientific formula of closed groove organic rigid foam. The most prominent advantage is fire and high temperature resistance. Phenolic foam plastic successfully developed in the 1942 years ago, in the laboratory and applied in the second world war. Phenolic foam by early used in the insulation of the rocket and missile head, as & other; Peace and development & throughout; The world theme, up to now has been widely to apply in the field of civil construction, petrochemical pipeline, such as the insulation of the building wall fire prevention is the main market of phenolic foam.

phenolic board as organic foam insulation, low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation effect is better than general has a-class fire prevention performance of inorganic insulation materials, and fire prevention performance of phenolic foam board itself to reach level b1 level flame retardant, in case of fire only surface carbonization, without dripping, which can effectively prevent fire spreading. This is a traditional organic materials such as polyurethane (pu), polystyrene foam is unable to achieve. Phenolic plate meet flame non-combustible, after the application of wall insulation system can be equivalent grade A fireproof performance. Mortar, phenolic plate composite grid cloth or other material such as spray interface agent, surface recombination adding inorganic material, can achieve a-class fire performance.
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