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Phenolic board operation conditions

by:Ventech     2021-01-09
Phenolic insulation board the operation condition of

phenolic board is good fireproof material, and fire is closely related to the safety of the person is. In phenolic board construction, so we must be in accordance with the standards for construction, ensure the phenolic plate can fully play a role, so as to guarantee the use effect of phenolic board. When phenolic board construction, operation conditions is crucial, because the bad work condition not good construction, reasonable die so simple.

before construction, we want to inspect the materials and construction team, to ensure the construction team and technology within the capacity of national standards, this is the construction of the first step to success; Construction plan to pass the related department audit, through the ability construction according to the facts, to participate in the construction personnel to training before construction, can not have a little careless; Main materials and related ancillary materials, also want to strict inspection, to ensure that all materials are in conformity with the standard, this is to ensure that the construction of hard power; Large cracks in the after construction should be timely to fill full, avoid the loss.
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