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Phenolic foam aluminum foil composite duct is the new favorite of the market

by:Ventech     2021-04-17

In modern buildings, central air-conditioning is very common, and ventilation ducts are an important part of the central air-conditioning system. According to statistics, the annual demand in my country is about 100 million square meters, reaching 20 billion yuan. Among various air ducts, the phenolic foam aluminum foil composite air duct stands out with its unique excellent performance and cost-effectiveness and is becoming the new favorite of the central air-conditioning market.

Phenolic foam aluminum foil composite insulation air duct is processed by phenolic foam aluminum foil composite sandwich panel, and the quality of the plate directly affects the quality of the air duct. At present, the advanced continuous method is generally used to produce phenolic foam aluminum foil composite sandwich panels with high production efficiency and stable and reliable quality.

Phenolic foam aluminum foil composite air duct has become the darling of the market because it has obvious technical, energy saving, environmental protection and economic advantages compared with traditional material air ducts.

Such products have been inspected, tested and proven by relevant authorities such as the National Building Materials Testing Center, the National Fireproof Building Material Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the National Air Conditioning Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and the National Non-ferrous Metal Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. Unique fire and flame retardant performance, the oxygen index is as high as 40% or more, which is twice the oxygen in the air, and no smoke is produced in the fire, the smoke density is only 4, which is one-tenth to twentieth of other organic foam materials. The smoke toxicity index test conducted according to the British NES713 standard shows that the toxicity index per 100 grams of sample is less than 5, which is a safe product.

Its thermal conductivity is about 0.03w/m·k depending on the density, does not shrink or deform at ±150℃, and has excellent thermal insulation performance. It is an excellent representative of thermal insulation and energy-saving materials. In accordance with the definition of non-combustible, incombustible, and combustible in GB50045-95 'Code for Design and Fire Protection of High-rise Civil Buildings' and the principles stipulated in GB8624-1997 'Classification Method for Combustion Performance of Building MaterialsThe combustion performance of the product is higher than that of the hard-to-burn body, and is close to the non-combustible body. Its nature is very valuable.

The phenolic foam aluminum foil composite duct has a special process on the front and back sides of the aluminum foil. After testing, it has a good effect on phosphoric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, peracetic acid, sodium hydroxide, sodium chloride and other substances. Its corrosion resistance greatly prolongs its service life and makes it economical.

In addition, the phenolic foam aluminum foil composite air duct also has low friction resistance, noise and sound insulation, lightweight, can reduce the construction load, easy to process and make, easy to install, short construction period, elegant and beautiful appearance, clean and hygienic, Low cost and other characteristics.

It can be said that the phenolic foam aluminum foil composite air duct combines the advantages of various traditional air ducts. It meets the requirements of human society for energy saving, environmental protection, health and harmonious development. It is the result of scientific and technological progress and has become a large number of users. , Engineering designers, construction and installation personnel and the new favorite of the market are inevitable.

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