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by:Ventech     2021-01-19
Phenolic foam board as building external wall thermal insulation material, safety and energy saving double insurance phenolic insulation board
from the practice of the existing building insulation materials used at home and abroad, using phenolic foam as building external wall thermal insulation material, can ensure the safety and energy saving & other; Double insurance & throughout; The effect.
phenolic foam board needed for China's building materials market rapidly occupation in the birth of thermal insulation material, phenolic foam board why can replace the traditional heat preservation material, why the phenolic foam board to enter the building materials market, quickly won the consumers.
phenolic foam heat and mm thick phenolic foam plate undergo ℃ flame spraying minutes, only slightly on the surface of carbonized without burning through, can effectively prevent the fire and fire spread. It is worth mentioning in the fire accident, the majority of the casualties are due to the scene of the fire smoke and poison gas, but phenolic foam even if ignited by heat, its no drip when burnt, smoke quantity is low, and almost do not produce the poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide.
promotion need policy and technology to follow up. For significant security hidden danger existing in the current building exterior wall thermal insulation materials, experts suggest that countries formulate phenolic foam as exterior wall thermal insulation recommend material specification as soon as possible, and the use of pilot and technical research, gradual public and civil construction & other Energy saving and safe double & throughout; 。
as a safe and green new building materials, advantages of phenolic foam recognised by more and more in the industry, but has not yet been countries listed in the recommended range of materials, the heat preservation makes phenolic building materials in the architectural design of link & other; Throughout their elimination &; 。 Countries should recommend phenolic foam as exterior wall thermal insulation materials as soon as possible, to formulate the corresponding production technology standards and specifications, and choose in the construction of high-rise buildings and large public buildings is tested, and then gradually spread to civil construction and transportation.
the phenolic foam building materials as a closed and excellent control fire building exterior wall thermal insulation material, has been widely used in foreign countries. Many times to study abroad phenolic material of jinan holy stream group chairman tang Lin introduces to the reporter, marseille and Lyon city built many large apartment, already install the phenolic foam board outside the wall, and then coated with protective layer to prevent the fire burning.
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