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Phenolic insulation board

by:Ventech     2020-11-27
Phenolic insulation board/polymer plate had many advantages, such as 10, obtained the fire control, environmental protection and national fire building materials detection department fully recognized:

non-combustible, smokeless;

avirulent, without excitant;

no condensation, moisture, no water;

sound absorption, sound insulation, waterproof sealing;

invariance, deformation, stable performance;

can be arbitrary flexure, easy processing, easy to paste, construction period is very short;

light weight, convenient installation;

without flange, do not need to male and female,

to take up the construction of small space.

phenolic insulation board, polymer plate without armored, insulation materials, composed of polymer plate bonding directly, to the wind industry has brought a new revolution, completely take the place of galvanized steel duct, FRP duct become the absolute mainstream super duct of the 21st century.
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