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Phenolic insulation board 16 quality acceptance standard of construction technology

by:Ventech     2020-11-30
1, the external wall thermal insulation engineering should be according to the current national standard 'building energy conservation engineering construction quality acceptance standard' GB50411 - 2007 regulations for construction quality acceptance.

2, exterior insulation construction should be dealt with at the grassroots, phenolic insulation board paste, anchor is fixed, paving glass fiber grid cloth and wall thermal bridge parts after the treatment to take cover engineering inspection, outside facing after the completion of the acceptance.

3, each project check quantity should meet the following requirements: per 500 ~ 1000 ㎡ is divided into a test batch, less than 500 ㎡ should also be divided into a test batch; Every 100 ㎡ each inspection lot should be at least a selectiving examination, every place shall not be less than 10 ㎡ each inspection lot inspection at least five.

4, act the role of surface engineering construction quality should be consistent with the quality acceptance of building decoration engineering GB50210 relevant provisions.

5, phenolic plate with metope should be bonded firmly, no loosening and virtual sticky. Bonded area should not be less than 50% of the area of the plate. Test method: to observe; According to the JG149 - 2003 according to the method of drying conditions of the phenolic board on bonding strength and the wall at the grass-roots level; Check the concealed engineering acceptance records.

6, the anchoring parts number, anchorage position, the anchoring depth, and drawing force should meet the design requirements. And test method of anchoring force field drawing experiment: observation; Unload the anchoring piece, the measured anchoring depth; Caliper. Do the scene drawing test and verification test report.

7, phenolic plate thickness should comply with the design requirements, its positive and negative deviation should & le; 1. 5mm。 Test method: quantity check with steel needle insertion and ruler.

8, phenolic plate surface should be besmear brushs interface agent, the agent should be uniform, without aggregation on the surface of the interface. Inspection method: to observe the; Check the concealed engineering acceptance records.

9, plastering mortar and phenolic plate must be bonded firmly, no delaminating, empty drum, surface blasting ash and cracks and other defects. Test method: to observe; According to the JG149 - 2003 according to the method of model of the plaster mortar and phenolic plate tensile bond strength; Check the construction record.

10, paste on the base of phenolic plate surface should conform to the requirements of the surface roughness. Inspection methods: observation, feet quantity check.

11, external wall thermal bridge site, should be adopted according to the requirements of design and energy saving heat preservation measures such as partition hot bridge. Test method: to observe; Check the concealed engineering acceptance records.

12, exterior wall heat transfer coefficient should be accord with the requirement of design documents and the relevant specification. Methods: to check with the insulation condition of sample inspection report. General project

13, phenolic plate installation should break up and down, clamping spell yan, flat-fell seam is flat and level, spelling a joint shall not be adhesive. Test method: to observe; Check the construction record.

14, phenolic plate deviation should be allowed to meet the provisions of the installation. Phenolic plate installation allowable deviation and inspection method of glass fiber grid cloth should be spread pressure sealed, no free drum, fold, warping, the phenomenon such as leakage, strengthen the parts of the enhanced network practice should comply with the design requirements. Test method: to observe; Check the construction record.

15, deformation seam structure processing and thermal insulation layer slot and hole and decoration of the fixed installation should comply with the design requirements. Test method: to observe; The lever to check.

16, the allowable deviation of external thermal insulation wall plastering mortar layer and inspection methods shall comply with the provisions of the.
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