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Phenolic insulation board and its system structure of shallow of the advantage of the characteristics of simple introduction _ phenolic insulation board, phenolic board manufacturer

by:Ventech     2021-01-18
Phenolic insulation board and other insulation material, has excellent thermal insulation effect, but the production cost of phenolic insulation board is very low, and the heat preservation performance is good, be known to customers and trust, first of all, first make a brief introduction of its composition, phenolic insulation board based on phenolic resin and flame retardant and smoke suppression agent, curing agent, foaming agent, and other additives, and other material, through scientific formula of closed groove rigid foam. Let keep phenolic insulation board manufacturer to spread a little knowledge about phenolic insulation board.

a, again simple to analyze the advantages of phenolic insulation board

phenolic insulation board is currently building among the most promising of a new type of thermal insulation material, has excellent thermal insulation effect. This new material has fire, wide temperature around ( - 45~+200℃) , contractive, not embrittlement under different temperature conditions. In the fire is not burning, not melt, will not be sending out toxic fumes, and have light, non-toxic, non-corrosive, heat preservation, and the advantages of energy-saving, sound insulation, and low price, and don't use freon foam, no environmental pollution, good processability, construction is convenient, its comprehensive performance is currently unmatched by all kinds of insulation materials.

2, then, to everyone with phenolic insulation board of architecture, allowing you to better understand what you are using is a kind of material, let you use the rest assured.

phenolic insulation board of architecture mainly include: bonding layer, thermal insulation layer, plaster, act the role of the surface and accessories. Each layer plays a different role, each layer is indispensable, only have this several layers, phenolic insulation board can better play to the advantages of it, the better for the benefit of humanity.

today introduced to you the advantage of phenolic insulation board characteristics and system structure, so that consumers friends can choose according to their own requirements of different thermal insulation material. Heat preservation material in the market and profound knowledge, is also a good learning, interested friends can learn. At the same time, our company will provide you with high quality phenolic insulation board, for your consumer to use, also welcome your comments or Suggestions to us, we will straighten it out in a timely manner.
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