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Phenolic insulation board application form:

by:Ventech     2021-01-06
1) Composite double-sided aluminum foil ( Wall heat preservation decoration, air conditioning duct insulation) Phenolic insulation board

2) Caigang single aluminum foil ( Air duct)

  3) Single galvanized sheet aluminum foil ( Air duct) Phenolic insulation board

4) Phenolic insulation board surface recombination other materials, such as interfacial agent mortar, mesh cloth, etc. ( There is a requirement for class a fire wall heat insulation)

phenolic insulation board other materials can be selected by the customer ( Aluminum plate, kraft paper, etc. ) Phenolic foam got great development since the 90 s, first brought to the attention of the American and British military, used in aviation, national defense, and then be applied to civilian aircraft, ship, railway stations, strict fire prevention of the place such as well, and gradually to the high-rise buildings, the hospital. http://www。 juanzhibwb。 com
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