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Phenolic insulation board application _ phenolic insulation board, phenolic board manufacturer

by:Ventech     2021-01-12
Phenolic insulation board is the main structure foam insulation, fire rating can reach the national standard of grade A, that is able to bear the high temperature of 150 degrees Celsius, the strength of the fire is very strong. And the price is similar to pu, with high cost performance, is the main phenolic board insulation board more environmentally friendly than others. Because of phenolic plate bubble won't burn, high temperature resistant, so now more and more is used in the fire department. Because of the destructive force of the fire is huge, is not a traditional polystyrene foam and polyurethane foam can limit, in contrast, the fire department to eliminate the above two kinds of traditional foam used in the phenolic board.

phenolic insulation board under the high temperature performance is very good, no softening, deformation, smoke less, not diffusion flame, and has a very good heat preservation and heat insulation characteristics, so pay attention to the fire in the modern, phenolic plate, more and more used in various areas, various departments, is the best thermal insulation material, is everyone can light should use the best material.
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