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by:Ventech     2021-01-25
Climate change also should pay attention to the construction of phenolic insulation board phenolic insulation board
as the quality of our products and experience of construction personnel, construction site and the surrounding environment and so on will affect the construction of phenolic insulation board, in addition to a have to pay attention to the factor, is climate change, because phenolic insulation board is made of phenolic foam, itself is not a whole, are easily affected by the surrounding environment and change, in the process of construction, when the temperature is too high, can make the phenolic insulation board of excessive moisture transpiration should not be stored for moisture, may not show up at that time, by the time the weather is dry, metope may split, construction of failure, more can't reach the effect of heat preservation.
so for construction must pay attention to climate change, air humidity is too high or too low is not possible, had better consult professional construction personnel. On-site spraying operations environment temperature appropriate for ℃ ℃, but should not be below ℃ or above ℃; Relative humidity should be less than % rainy day may not be construction. Just construction
so there are a lot of attention, as a supplier of we, langfang has been strict with each index to sail to the quality first, to provide you with the best quality phenolic insulation board, minimize the probability of failure of construction.
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