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Phenolic insulation board construction method

by:Ventech     2020-11-02
( The article abstract] : meet a whole package of diagonal error can adjust the direction of the phenolic insulation board unanimously by cutting instead. Paste phenolic insulation board of looped ash and central point touch combination way,

construction instructions:

phenolic insulation board construction method and extruded polystyrene board, gold plate, plate and so on basic same, lightweight insulation materials in the construction team to enter the safety training and technical clarificaiton. These are all security phenolic insulation board construction method and quality assurance of the premise, right, of course, the phenolic insulation board construction team of responsibility is very important also, ground operations in strict accordance with the construction process, not opportunistic is one of the key points for speed.

phenolic insulation board construction preparation:

the construction preparation of various materials of qualification is a must, in general design of the thickness of the phenolic insulation board utilization rate is not lower than sixty percent, other phenolic adjust uneven places with different thickness plate to construction, which greatly reduced the wall at the grass-roots level of the difficulty of processing, saving labor and equal materials consumption. Grassroots wall surface can not have oil, release agent, fly ash and other pollutants, wall surface bump & ge; 10 mm should be eradicated, can also be used in construction, adjustment plate cutting processing, metope convex place can use percussion drill. Metope play line: vertical, set square, the thickness of the elastic line: in the side wall, roof based on phenolic insulation board insulation thickness pop-up plaster line of control.

phenolic insulation board paste:

standard plate size is 1200 * 600, diagonal error is less than 5 mm, phenolic insulation board cutting with ordinary hand saw or tool knife cutting, size deviation for allowed & plusmn; 1. 5 mm, meet the whole package of diagonal error can adjust the direction of the phenolic insulation board unanimously by cutting instead. Paste phenolic insulation board of looped ash and central point touch combination way, phenolic insulation board stick after installation on the wall, to ensure the smoothness, board with board between milking the tight, can not have already seam, cracks, formed by the cutting is not straight with phenolic insulation panel inserted and smooth. Phenolic insulation board installation should be segmented along the horizontal direction transverse shop is stuck, from bottom to top plate should be done in each row 1/2 of length, local minimum staggered joints shall not be less than 100.

install anchoring nails:

anchoring nails ( Insulation nails) The installation. According to the design requirements of the position with percussion drill, drilling aperture 10, about 60 drilled into the wall depth at the grass-roots level, fixed anchor into the wall at the grass-roots level of depth of about 50, to ensure the secure and reliable. Fixed a number according to the design specification requirements set, general every square around 7 to 10. Self-tapping screws should be packed tightly with engineering plastic expansion head of nail phenolic insulation board or slightly twisted into some I surface neat, to ensure that bolts tail back twist, flush with the wall fully anchored at the local level. Do these need to be pulling anchor experiment, has a certain tensile strength, have a certain strength also must be able to fall off, some site directly nailed anchorage welding die to cope with tensile anchor experiment, look very naive in front of real data.

daub anti-crack mortar:

the above process to do quality inspection qualified, the anti-crack mortar mixture evenly daub onto the wall phenolic insulation board, press the grid cloth again daub anti-crack mortar, don't directly put on the grid cloth on phenolic insulation board anti-crack mortar, the result will make the whole piece of anti-crack mortar peeling of the wall. Bonding mortar thickness 2 according to the construction requirement. 5 mm to 5 mm.

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