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Phenolic insulation board construction plan

by:Ventech     2020-10-06
Phenolic insulation board manufacturer, we have professional production technology, for the general customers to provide professional phenolic insulation board construction plan, understand the air conditioning phenol and phenolic foam insulation board insulation board construction process, please contact with us!

now use a lot of insulation construction industry, not only have to choose a suitable for their use of building air conditioning phenolic insulation board, or phenolic fire insulation board, must have the good late installation quality control.

factory operating for many years, we have independent of phenolic foam insulation board construction quality control team, also has a professional research and development personnel to provide technical guidance, according to your construction situation to help you to specify more professional phenolic insulation board construction plan.

phenolic insulation board manufacturer in this gives a brief account of the phenolic insulation board construction plan from broadly divided into the following steps:

1, the preparatory work, Handle the wall)

2, followed by paste phenolic board insulation board ( Need to pay attention to many details)

3, the installation work of grid cloth

4, protective layer construction work

5, quality monitoring and protection measures

this is just simple steps, there are many in each big link need to pay attention to details, if you want to know more detailed phenolic insulation board or construction technology in construction and phenolic insulation board manufacturer we serve you wholeheartedly!

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