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Phenolic insulation board exterior insulation materials industry awareness is still very low! _ langfang three friends of insulation materials co. , LTD

by:Ventech     2021-01-20
Phenolic insulation board exterior insulation materials industry awareness is still very low! Phenolic insulation board
polyurethane foam with polystyrene foam is flammable, not high temperature resistant, phenolic insulation board exterior insulation materials industry awareness is still very low in our country, and in some developed countries are restrictions on the use by the fire department, strict in fire protection, government departments have clear stipulation can only use phenolic insulation board.
“ New material needs to have the national standard, if there is no standard, the development enterprise won't try to use easily. ” A not to be named, said the development of the enterprise product development manager. Xiamen high, high and new material co. , LTD also said the need to accelerate the advance of the standards work, let him feel gratified is: & other; Modified phenolic plate has been used in Shanghai international exhibition center project. Currently doing projects and Shanghai changning sanitation dock outside wall heat preservation project, is expected to be completed in. ”
but for this new type of modified phenolic board exterior insulation materials, the current industry awareness is still very low. Reporters ask for real estate development enterprise procurement, they all said don't understand this kind of product.
“ CCTV new site of flats, new museum of China, jinan national games athletes' village, nanjing international square, central building a series of fire incidents, such as attention from the whole industry, a lot of external wall thermal insulation material of flammability has become HuoHuan. ” The high, high and new material co. , LTD. , general manager of xiamen is very anxious, think that development is both high efficiency and energy saving, and can effective fire prevention of the external wall thermal insulation products, has become the urgent demand in this industry.
a declined to be named wall insulation industry practitioners to our reporter said: & other; Expert understanding of this product is limited, but experts familiar with the situation, the opinion is held by the sliding. Tetragonal think its fire prevention performance is outstanding, anti-side think it difficult to achieve the ideal effect. ” “ In fact, the effect of phenolic resin for fireproof is indisputable. However, the flame retardant properties of modified phenolic board, pass tougher refractory performance test. ” Wei-xing gu further pointed out. He introduced, modified phenolic board has passed the standardization of Shanghai construction science and technology promotion center, Shanghai office, and other units of the test.
phenolic foam is more suited to have strict requirements under the environmental conditions of use of high-performance materials, has a good development prospect. Such as steel structure factory building, large industrial workshop, mobile home, cold storage, temporary housing, clean workshop, building, gymnasium, supermarket and other fire insulation requirements of buildings. It is because the phenolic insulation board is the most prominent advantage is fire prevention and fire insulation materials insulation from the air conditioning & ndash; — Phenolic inspiration for xiamen high, high and new material co. , LTD. , in new product development, the direction is: how to improve the exterior insulation fireproof performance?
xiamen high, high and new material co. , LTD. , points out that the exterior insulation technology advanced countries such as Europe and the United States, phenolic board for building fire prevention performance is particularly important, such as the sound insulation heat preservation fire foam phenolic material % is used currently, Japan is promulgated 'standard of phenolic foam plastics as building fire resistant materials, phenolic foam plastic is widely used in building exterior wall.
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