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by:Ventech     2021-01-31
Phenolic insulation board in the application of the developed countries and promote the development of phenolic insulation board insulation market phenolic plate (
酚醛泡沫板) Made of phenolic foam, phenolic foam is a macromolecule organic rigid aluminum foil foam products, is composed of thermosetting phenolic resin foam. Phenolic insulation board is widely used in developed countries.
according to the statistical data and literature, the % of fire insulation sound insulation materials for phenolic resin; Britain, Western Europe, the Middle East new construction preferred phenolic foam insulation materials; France, department of architecture of northern Europe believe that only phenolic foam insulation materials has good fireproof performance; Russia and eastern Europe is also widely use phenolic foam insulation materials for public buildings and high-rise buildings; Even Japan promulgated the phenolic foam as standard building fire resistant materials.
phenolic board is how to promote the development of thermal insulation market:
in recent years, the phenolic insulation market has been in full swing, the major manufacturers have to take action, carefully study all kinds of bakelite products, so that now phenolic insulation products emerge in endlessly, each has its own characteristics. Of course, have different quality, have a good job. Thought phenolic plate to the development of construction industry and manufacturing industry will play a key role, is an indispensable part of in the construction industry, and of course the phenolic plate reason is also widely used in various industries by itself, the characteristics of the product itself. The unique properties of phenolic plate, making it the applicability of more and more widely, also more and more popular.
phenolic plate light capacity, good insulation, good rigidity, dimensional stability, and it is similar to aluminium expansion coefficient, belong to the flame retardant material, produces only a small amount of carbon monoxide poisonous gas when burning, smoke quantity is low, will not melt, without dripping, its production cost is low. Product main structure the phenolic foam as the core material, a layer of polymer mortar and surface recombination glass fiber grid cloth. Polymer mortar and grid cloth in phenolic foam on the surface of the composite process in a factory prefabricated forming at a time. The strength of the phenolic foam affected by temperature is not obvious, at low temperature ( Even ℃) Cold, cold short or not, its mechanical strength the basic unchanged, in the case of ℃ continuous stress can keep the original strength of %.
to phenolic plate with surface molding compound, make it poses a cavity structure, will be a good choice, so you need to consider the adhesive of the phenolic foam and surface act the role of material. Production is not very complicated, many existing pu heat preservation made into cavity postures insulation decorative sheet, if use phenolic resin instead of pu will be a good choice.
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