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by:Ventech     2021-01-21
Phenolic insulation board in the industrial developed countries? Phenolic insulation board
in the industrial developed countries, such as, the important buildings and high-rise building wall insulation has the strict fire prevention requirements, ministries related to construction in recent years to focus on energy saving and fire prevention of the PF, used in wall insulation system.
the UK PuMa lok products company is a manufacturer of famous phenolic wall thermal insulation board, phenolic foam ( PF) Fire performance to the British standard BS level. The company after years of development, according to the British standard formulation and implementation of a complete set of mature construction technology system specification, and successfully applied in masonry or concrete wall, and in any new or existing, high-rise or low-rise buildings can be applied. After test and review, the construction sector in awarded the company & other; Heat preservation system of outer phenolic & throughout; Application of license ( Number /) 。 The company claimed that, external thermal insulation system in public buildings, or at least year after the civil residence construction accident will not be damaged.
the knauf drywall company. Knauf drywall company belongs to Germany knauf group, the group is the largest and earliest in the production of plasterboard family businesses. Its products is called knauf phenolic composite board, is a kind of. Mm gypsum board cover PF wall insulation board, the main sales object is used for external wall insourcing soft partition. Product is the biggest characteristic is excellent fireproof and heat insulation, sound insulation performance, especially the sound insulation performance is particularly important for housing and office buildings to reduce noise.
enjoys a chemical company in the United States. In enjoys a chemical company was established for many years, mainly engaged in phenolic resin foam surface active agent, catalyst and related equipment sales and research and development. In recent years, the company is committed to the development of a PF, called Tripolymer years supported by the U. S. department of energy (doe) and the approval, after years of research and test, successfully put it into the market. Today, the company has a manufacturing plant, in the United States has also set up factories in the UK, Germany and Australia. In recent years, the company has developed a direct foaming pulp by spray gun field injection into hollow bricks or hollow concrete block in the patent technology, foam slurry is copolymer modified phenolic resin and hardener bicomponent Tripolymer pre polymers. Because the Tripolymer has good fire resistance and sound insulation, so it has been widely used in schools, hospitals and homes. Through the U. S. standard certificate level of combustion test criteria, no other can live organic foam injection can achieve Tripolymer excellent fireproof performance.
and as Japan agms building materials company for many years, carried on the thorough research and development of phenolic foam insulation materials. In recent years, the company introduced a trademark known as the new dawn, Neoma) PF insulation board has passed Japan, China and the UK fire test, such as due to the Japanese standard JISD & lt; Combustibility & gt; Technical indicators, obtained the certificate of non-combustible material in Japan, and the Japanese economy industry hall and environment agency in the energy saving and environmental protection. The company is promoting a new dawn of phenolic foam insulation board in the exterior wall, roof insulation, ceiling, floor and partition wall and application, and has formulated the corresponding construction technical specification. The company in order to improve people's health, comfortable and safe living environment, is committed to make new dawn of the new century a new type of high-performance thermal insulation material.
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