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by:Ventech     2021-01-13
Phenolic foam as a new type of multi-purpose foam material, for its heat resistant, flame retardant, self-extinguishing fire, flame penetration resistance, meet with no dripping and prevent the spread of fire resistance performance advantages, such as fire, caused the people attach great importance to. In high-rise buildings, heat insulation, ultra-low temperature cold has important practical value, as an ideal heat insulation heat preservation material will be broader, more rapid development, is a new kind of construction safety, economy and green material.
phenolic foam material processed into phenolic insulation board, is applied to the external wall thermal insulation system, is a kind of insulation and refractory effect is very good material. Phenolic insulation board is the expanded perlite, expanded vermiculite and aggregate refractory materials as the main body, under the action of reinforcement materials and binder, with its fire prevention, heat preservation, heat insulation paste class board exterior wall adhesion layer structure. China construction insulation portal phenolic foam material processed into phenolic plate, is applied to the external wall thermal insulation system, is a kind of insulation and refractory effect is very good material. And construction is convenient, lightweight, energy saving effect. Studies found that the material at the time of combustion, not like some foam material to produce large amounts of smoke, from this perspective, it is a environmental protection material. The phenolic insulation board is how to application in exterior wall, in the outer wall and how have the effect of a fire? How is it heat preservation principle? A, exterior wall thermal insulation, exterior wall insulation refers to the adoption of a certain fixed way, Bonding, mechanical anchoring, paste + mechanical anchoring, spraying, casting, etc. ) , the low thermal conductivity, Heat preservation and heat insulation effect is better) The thermal insulation materials and building the wall fixed one, increasing the average thermal resistance of the wall, so as to achieve insulation or heat insulation effect of a kind of engineering practice. Third, the heat preservation principle, phenolic insulation board obturator rate is 95%, high obturator rate reduce the convection heat transfer, is the prerequisite of high heat insulation. Its coefficient of thermal conductivity with polystyrene board the coefficient of thermal conductivity of basic quite, can meet the requirements of building thermal insulation. No matter from its fire prevention function, or from its heat preservation principle, we can see, this is a very suitable for application to the material in the construction engineering, energy conservation and environmental protection, non-toxic harmless, which is exactly what we need.

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