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Phenolic insulation board is made of what _ phenolic insulation board, phenolic board manufacturer

by:Ventech     2021-01-17
Phenolic insulation board is made of what, believe that many people don't know, is actually made of phenolic foam, phenolic foam is a new kind of and not burning low smoke and fire protection of a thermal insulation material, mainly by phenolic resin implanted into the foaming agent, and some curing agent and other additives.

it is the most prominent feature of non-combustible and low smoke, very resistant to high temperature and it has overcome the original foam plastic and some of the heat preservation material is very easy to burn and very much, later will gradually becomes hot when it is heated, retain the original foam material, construction is convenient.

phenolic insulation board has very friendly fire prevention functions, and these are all made of the phenolic foam is used to, and other materials can generally make it is made of composite material of heat insulation, basic can meet the national fire prevention level. Has fundamentally can put an end to the possibility of these insulation fire, using the temperature range is generally two hundred and fifty degrees below zero to one hundred and fifty degrees above freezing, heat preservation effect is very strong, and has good heat insulation effect.
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