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Phenolic insulation board meet standard popular with the market

by:Ventech     2020-12-01
My company produces phenolic insulation board under the support of vast consumers and favor, because our company production of phenolic insulation board up to the standard.

phenolic insulation board is composed of phenol and formaldehyde condensation polymer and other additives, such as curing agent, foaming agent, filling agent and surfactant mixture made of many pass phenolic foam board.

America and Japan and other developed countries in recent years has turned to both energy saving and fireproof phenolic insulation board. At present, foreign production of phenolic board has good heat preservation performance, its coefficient of thermal conductivity is lower than extruded polystyrene board, especially of the Japanese building insulation system has a large number of phenolic board. But at present domestic small promotion, production technology is relatively backward, and the heat preservation performance is slightly worse than foreign products. It is known that phenolic foam board by phenol and formaldehyde condensation polymer mixed with other additives made of groove more phenolic foam board, building insulation system in Japan has a lot of use phenolic foam board packaging mechanism. The good news is that most of the domestic enterprise research and development of composite phenolic foam sheet by the national fireproof construction material quality supervision inspection center of detection, its combustion performance level GB8624A. This suggests that the phenolic foam board as a safe and green new energy saving building materials, its advantages have been recognized by construction departments and the public security fire department.

the Ministry of Public Security, housing and urban-rural development jointly established in 2009, the civil building external thermal insulation system and the interim provisions on the exterior wall decorative fireproof, requirements & other; Civil construction the combustion performance of external thermal insulation material appropriate for A grade, and should not be below B2 & throughout; ; In 2011, the Ministry of Public Security fire department has issued a 'about further clear civil building exterior insulation materials fire supervision and management of the relevant requirements of the notice, request & other; Civil building external wall thermal insulation material use shall not be lower than grade A standard & throughout; , cause the soil to cut off from the source of fire. At present the two standards are performed at the same time, the production of insulation materials manufacturers and responsible for check the fire department is a headache. Although there are two standard some conflict, but the focus is still the fireproof performance of outer wall material, moving closer to A level, the better, phenolic foam board can meet the two standards at the same time.

our company produces the phenolic insulation board, low price and good quality accords with national standard, but we won't stop there, we will continue to work hard, we have always pursued the purpose that bring more high quality product for the client, hope you also continue to support us.
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