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Phenolic insulation board of fire prevention performance standards

by:Ventech     2020-10-12
Phenolic plate is a very good security fire insulation materials, over time, the popularity of the the fire performance of the product has been widely used, is indispensable to fine decoration of the insulation board, so what is the phenolic insulation board fire prevention performance standards?

phenolic plate is made of phenolic foam, is indeed a rare flame retardant material, phenolic insulation board fire prevention performance standard has a new breakthrough in the field of what? First phenolic board has reached the incombustible; Secondly even if there is a fire, the low smoke will not pose a threat to the victims, at present a lot of the insulating material in the fire will make a lot of smoke is a big threat to human security. Third, a lot of products will appear under the high temperature deformation, the performance function disappear, use phenolic insulation board which concerns don't have to consider, the heat won't appear distortion.

supply phenolic insulation board which are of good quality, how do we choose? We are selecting insulating material, priority is the application of fireproof performance, in addition to the insulation, insulation material when emergency occurs, non-combustible and flame retardancy of the insulating material is also crucial, billion on the morning of phenolic insulation board is doing very good in this respect, fire prevention performance standards of qualified products, or even reach the standard level, we will do better to improve in this respect, welcome the masses of users to choose and buy.

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