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Phenolic insulation board production process do you understand

by:Ventech     2020-10-11
Phenolic phenolic insulation board insulation board manufacturer specializing in production, I plant to high-quality product quality, high-quality after-sales service, to provide you with phenolic insulation board production, order, production, and phenolic insulation board size is reasonable, and full excellent properties of after-sales service.

phenolic insulation board production process is as follows:

( 1) Phenolic insulation plate finishing engineering construction should be according to the 'base coat, intermediate coating, surface coating' construction requirements of phenolic insulation board specification, again after finishing materials of construction must be in the top again after finishing material surface drying;

( 2) Phenolic insulation board density should be uniform coating, coating materials of each layer coating material must be strong, to have special requirements engineering can increase the number of surface coating, phenolic insulation board parameters in accordance with national standards.

( 3) In the whole construction process, construction viscosity should be based on the construction method of coating materials, the construction season, temperature and humidity conditions of strict control, should have the specialist is responsible for the deployment, according to the specification shall not be arbitrarily add diluent and water;

( 4) Phenolic insulation board thickness of coating should not be too thick or too thin, should fully cover the bottom, opaque shadows, uniform surface; Controlled by spraying should be paint viscosity and the pressure of the spray gun, coating thickness uniformity, never show, not falling, colour and lustre is uniform, ensure that the thickness of the coating;

( 5) For the quick drying coating material, large area coating, should by many people cooperate with operation, the flow process, finishing in the same direction, should handle summer-planting parts;

phenolic insulation plate is applied to building insulation engineering of large module and a built-in system, phenolic insulation board a-class fire insulation system, building wall insulation decoration integration system, caigang sandwich panels, etc.

our factory has a high flame retardant on phenolic insulation board production, not bibulous, low coefficient of thermal conductivity, low smoke, weather resistance, stability, high thermal conductivity, non-toxic tasteless, is a good phenolic insulation.

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