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Phenolic insulation board prominent superiority in practical application

by:Ventech     2020-12-27
Phenolic insulation board not only has its own advantages, but also play an important role in practical application, to ensure the comfort of family life and health, won the high quality, high safety performance consumers of all ages. At present, it has become a new choice of external wall insulation products.
phenolic material selection of insulating board can bring more help for production and construction, to a certain extent, save the construction difficulty. Phenolic insulation board with phenolic resin and flame retardant and smoke suppression agent, curing agent, foaming agent, and other additives, and other material, through scientific formula of closed groove rigid foam, phenolic insulation board in the areas of application: due to the flammable polystyrene foam and polyurethane foam, not high temperature resistant, Chiang kai-shek in some industrial developed country restrictions on use by the fire department, strict in fire protection, government departments have clear stipulation can only use phenolic insulation board. Therefore, phenolic foam material is more suitable for have strict requirements under the environmental conditions of use of high-performance materials, has a good development prospect. Construction is more safe and reliable, safety performance is more reliable. Life, whether household decorates or large industrial construction, can choose the new material for production and construction, in the comfortable and high quality experience at the same time, also to the new environment construction has important role. Phenolic insulation board is one kind has prominent performance advantage of external wall insulation. The use of this material can bring good help to the production and construction, is also the three major advantages of phenolic insulation board. Also has its own advantages in the fierce competition in the industry, the new material in production and construction is in order to win high-quality customers, now become the focus of building materials selection.
in the choice of building materials, has been looking for the best products, to provide better help for building construction. Traditional phenolic board not only can be used for exterior insulation system, can be also prepared to act the role of surface composite insulation decoration plate, can also be used to build the traditional EPS/XPS/fire belt, PU external wall insulation system will be used for fire prevention in the curtain wall insulation insulation materials, fire door insulation materials, as well as low or high temperature fire insulation thermal insulation material. Phenolic plate is a new kind of non-combustible low smoke, fire insulation materials, it is made of phenolic resin in foaming agent, curing agent and other additives made of closed-cell rigid foam. It is the most prominent feature of non-combustible, low smoke, resistance to high temperature of different change. It overcomes the original type foam insulation material inflammable, cigarettes, drawback of the metabolic that encounter heat, retained the original type foam insulation material is qualitative light, construction is convenient wait for a characteristic. For insulation and energy saving effect is prominent phenolic insulation board, played a role in practical use are also obvious.
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