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Phenolic insulation board several advantages

by:Ventech     2020-12-29
Phenolic foam insulation board is composed of phenolic foam, is a new type of fire insulation material, its most outstanding characteristic is does not produce water droplets and the high temperature deformation, etc. It overcomes the traditional foam insulation combustible, smoking, and poor insulation faults, retained the traditional foam insulation characteristics of light weight, convenient construction. In recent years, the phenolic insulation board got rapid development in our country.
the main advantage of phenolic insulation board is: 1. Phenolic insulation board production convenient, can according to user needs in site construction; Cleaning and hygiene; Using aluminum foil composite sandwich board surface, ensuring the health of air from the duct, the frictional resistance is small, the air quality is high, because the product is called environmental duct. Because the product is made up of aluminum foil ﹢ phenolic foam ﹢ aluminum foil, and therefore has a good sound insulation, vibration resistance dimming and flame retardant, energy-saving features, to reduce the operation cost. Traditional phenolic board not only can be used for exterior insulation system, can be also prepared to act the role of surface composite insulation decoration plate, can also be used to build the traditional EPS/XPS/fire belt, PU external wall insulation system will be used for fire prevention in the curtain wall insulation insulation materials, fire door insulation materials, as well as low or high temperature fire insulation thermal insulation material. Ehs phenolic insulation board with cfc-free foaming technique. Low temperature combustion flue gas, no toxic spill, after processing recycling waste phenolic foam, reducing environmental pollution and waste of materials. Phenolic insulation board with its superior product features, development and application in the future there will be greater, leading the new insulation market pattern.
high construction efficiency, and effectively protect the main structure of the building
phenolic foam insulation board has the characteristics of small density, light weight, it can reduce the weight of the building, reduce the load of the building. Construction is simple and quick, work efficiency is obviously improved. Its insulation performance make the walls remain the state of relatively constant temperature of the main structure, the buffer structure deformation caused by the temperature change caused by the thermal damage, eliminate the abnormal fracture occurred. Effectively improve the durability of the main body structure, prolong the service life of the building.
good moisture-proof, waterproof, and sound absorption performance of phenolic foam board exterior wall system USES polymer modified mortar and continuous uniform wall, good toughness and waterproof and overcome the aerated concrete and concrete hollow masonry wall waterproofing, poor sealing of faults. At the same time, the internal structure of porous foam phenolic foam insulation board makes the acoustic refraction, large energy loss, conducive to the sound absorption, therefore phenolic insulation board has excellent sound absorption performance.
4, excellent external use bakelite bubble board has good flame retardant, fire resistance, low smoke, high temperature resistance and protective bubble structure effectively. 100 mm thick phenolic foam can resist flame in the case of not penetrate more than 1 hour, effectively prevent the spread of fire and burn, protect the building external from high temperature combustion.
excellent insulating performance is most used in insulating materials, using the technology of the phenolic foam foam, phenolic insulation board coefficient of thermal conductivity is less than 0. 025 WmK, heat transfer efficiency is very low, can effectively prevent heat loss, to achieve the function of the insulation. Phenolic plate is a new kind of non-combustible low smoke, fire insulation materials, it is made of phenolic resin in foaming agent, curing agent and other additives made of closed-cell rigid foam. It is the most prominent feature of non-combustible, low smoke, resistance to high temperature of different change. It overcomes the original type foam insulation material inflammable, cigarettes, drawback of the metabolic that encounter heat, retained the original type foam insulation material is qualitative light, construction is convenient wait for a characteristic.
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