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Phenolic insulation board to the new situation of building materials industry

by:Ventech     2021-01-02
Phenolic insulation board is made up of phenolic foam is a new type of insulation fireproof material, the most outstanding characteristic is not, do not produce drip and resisting high temperature distortion, etc. Overcomes the traditional foam thermal insulation material flammable, many faults in smoke, and the heat preservation effect is bad, and retain the traditional foam thermal insulation material is qualitative light, easy construction, etc. Phenolic insulation board, therefore, is developing rapidly in China in recent years. A few of the advantages of phenolic insulation board performance is as follows:
a, excellent thermal insulation properties

the biggest use of the thermal insulation material is insulation, phenolic insulation board used phenolic foam foaming technology, coefficient of thermal conductivity is less than 0. 025 w / m· K, making the heat transfer efficiency is extremely low, effectively prevent loss of heat, to achieve the effect of heat preservation.

2, good fireproof performance

exterior use bakelite bubble board has good flame retardancy, meet fire non-combustible, low smoke, resistance to high temperature differences, the characteristics of the foam structure within the effective protective layer. 100 mm thick phenolic foam flame resistance can be more than 1 hour and not get through, can effectively prevent the spread of the fire and burn, protection of building external will not produce because of high temperature combustion phenomenon.

3, good moistureproof waterproof and sound absorption properties of

phenolic foam board exterior wall system USES polymer modified mortar and continuous uniform wall, make the system has good toughness and waterproof and overcome the aerated concrete, concrete hollow brick wall waterproofing and gas tightness of poor shortcomings. At the same time, the phenolic foam insulation board inner hole structure makes sound refraction, more energy is lost, sound absorption, so so phenolic insulation board with excellent sound absorption characteristics.

4, high construction efficiency, and effectively protect buildings main structure

phenolic foam insulation board density is small, light weight, can lighten the weight of the building, reduce the load of the building, and construction is simple, fast, and can significantly improve the work efficiency. And the heat preservation performance makes the wall body structure is still in the condition of relative temperature is constant, the buffer structure deformation caused by temperature change of thermal damage, eliminate the cracking of the anomaly, thereby effectively improve the durability of the main structure, prolong the service life of buildings.

5, safe environmental protection

phenolic foam insulation board use non-fresno technology, no fiber, high temperature fire smoke quantity is low, does not produce toxic substances overflow, and abandoned phenolic foam by using again after processing, reduce the environment pollution and waste materials. Phenolic insulation board with its superior product features, in the future will have greater development and application of new pattern of lead insulation markets.
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