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Phenolic plate heat preservation material development prospects are analysed _ phenolic insulation board, phenolic board manufacturer

by:Ventech     2021-01-18
Along with the rapid development of science and technology and economy in our country, people constantly improve the quality of life, is no longer as before, just the pursuit of it is ok to eat satisfied wear warm, but the pursuit of higher quality of life, therefore, the thermal insulation material has been rapid development, then all kinds of insulation material emerge in endlessly, phenolic plate with its performance advantages and developed rapidly, to get everyone's support and favor. Today is to analyses the phenolic board prospects.

in the first place, nearly 30 years in our country building industry and the development of manufacturing industry, the thermal insulation material has experienced the traditional inorganic materials and organic synthetic materials in two stages, colleagues also made great contribution to building energy efficiency in China. But so far, no matter what kind of insulation material is more or less has certain limitation, inorganic heat preservation material production and processing process energy consumption, all-weather use for a long time heat preservation effect is not stable, complex construction technology, especially with the use of material process and post-processing is harmful to environment and human body. Therefore, thermal insulation material manufacturer's responsibility is becoming more and more big, to produce the high quality is low, and high safety performance of thermal insulation materials is that they need to pursue goals.

phenolic foam insulation of early application in missile and rocket head. In recent years because of the high-rise building, transportation, ships, aviation, space technology and so on synthesis of foam plastic, thermal stability and flame resistance is put forward to strictly, as a new type of multi-purpose foam material, it besides can reach other insulation material can reach the effect of heat preservation, is also a good fire safety material. Light capacity, good insulation, good rigidity, dimensional stability, and it is similar to aluminium expansion coefficient, belong to the flame retardant material, produces only a small amount of carbon monoxide poisonous gas when burning, smoke quantity is low, will not melt, without dripping, its production cost is low.

in addition, phenolic plate heat preservation material has excellent fireproof performance, excellent insulation properties, heat resistant, corrosion resistant, anti-aging, small density, light weight, wide applicable temperature range, multiple performance advantages such as sound absorption performance, environmental protection, high cost performance make it become the consumer to use one of the heat preservation material, my company specializing in the production of phenolic plate heat preservation material, and to provide you with perfect, high-quality after-sales service, welcome new customers to choose and buy! Believe that the price so high phenolic plate, it must be the prospect of unlimited!
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