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Polyurethane composite board performance and parameters

by:Ventech     2020-12-03
Polyurethane composite board has become a common heat preservation material, today small make up to share with you about the performance and parameters of polyurethane composite board

coefficient of thermal conductivity: 0. 018-0. 024w/( 该调查)

low coefficient of thermal conductivity, 5 cm thick composite board is equivalent to 100 cm thick concrete heat preservation effect

obturator rate: 97% waterproof and moistureproof, not because of the increased moisture absorption coefficient of thermal conductivity, metope also won't ooze water

green: good polyurethane foam composite panels pass through high pressure, is the product conforms to the international convention on the ozone layer protection, and comply with European environmental standards. Do not contain formaldehyde, from microorganism erosion.

stability: good polyurethane composite panels above the compressive strength of 180 KP, plate temperature resistant performance is good, not out of shape.

flame retardant performance: good after national fireproof construction material quality supervision inspection center, the indicators of GB8624B1 level. Belong to the thermosetting materials, coke burning ashes, from self-extinguishing fire, do not drop, don't spread.

weatherability. Durable after more than six months of weathering test, the performance is stable, can with the building life.

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