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Polyurethane composite board required

by:Ventech     2021-01-08
Polyurethane composite board using special spraying equipment, part A and part B material according to certain proportion from the spray gun mouth spit out moments after mixing, rapidly after foaming, the exterior jointless polyurethane hard foam is formed on at the local level. Polyurethane hard foam this kind of construction method called spray method. Rigid polyurethane insulation board is the professional production line of production in the factory, with polyurethane hard foam as the core material, the two sides in some the decorative surface of the insulation board. Surface is usually in order to increase the polyurethane rigid foam insulation board and the bond strength of metope at the grass-roots level, uv protection and reduce damage in transit.

( 1) Light weight: 6 ~ 14 kg per cubic meter. Easy installation, flexible, does not need large lifting equipment, short construction period, low comprehensive cost.

( 2) High bearing capacity, high strength, stiffness big, the characteristics of both can make bearing structure and can the palisade structure.

( 3) Good insulation: the average coefficient of thermal conductivity of 0. 023w/( ㎡。 k) 。

( 4) Fire prevention performance is good: the national fireproof construction material quality supervision inspection center, the bidding of GB 8624 B1 level.

( 5) Using flexible: as a result of continuous production line full computer control, the length of the sandwich panel can install according to the design requirements and transport conditions. For different roof load and purlin distance can choose different sandwich board thickness.

so, polyurethane composite board thinner polyurethane sandwich plate can meet the building energy consumption of the relevant provisions of the limit, this allows to use thinner plates in construction, save a space. Because of its fire protection moistureproof performance is good, also other materials commonly used in composite board sealing side core material, polyurethane sealing side composite board is made of high quality color coated steel plate for the surface material, continuous rock wool, glass wool, cotton as the core material, high-density hard foamed polyurethane as the tongue-and-groove filling, after high pressure foaming solidified, automatic solid cotton cloth and controlled by the super-long double crawler molding compound and into, compared with the traditional hang cotton maintenance materials, fire prevention, heat preservation effect is better, more durable performance, convenient installation, elegant appearance. Is to be the leader of the steel building maintenance materials. http://www。 juanzhibwb。 com/
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