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Polyurethane insulation board

by:Ventech     2021-01-04
Polyurethane insulation board

1, rigid polyurethane board low thermal conductivity, good thermal performance. When the rigid polyurethane bulk density of 35 ~ 40 kg/m3, the coefficient of thermal conductivity is only 0. 018 g ~ 0。 023w/( 该调查) , or the equivalent of about half of the EPS, it is the lowest all heat preservation material coefficient of thermal conductivity.

2, rigid polyurethane board has moisture-proof and waterproof performance. Rigid polyurethane obturator rate above 90%, belong to the hydrophobic material, not due to the increased moisture absorption coefficient of thermal conductivity, metope also won't ooze water.

3, rigid polyurethane fire, flame retardant, resistance to high temperature. After adding flame retardant polyurethane, is a kind of flame retardant material, self-extinguishing its softening point can reach more than 250 degrees Celsius, will appear only in high temperature decomposition: in addition, when burnt, polyurethane ash from forming on the bubble surface, this layer of ash help to isolate the bubble below. Can effectively prevent the fire from spreading. Moreover, polyurethane also does not produce harmful gases at high temperature.

4, due to the pu board with excellent insulation properties, under the same heat preservation requirements, and can make to reduce the thickness of the building envelope, to increase the indoor use area.

5, resistance to deformation ability is strong, not easy craze, facing stability and security.

6, polyurethane material porosity structure stability, is essentially closed pore structure, not only the heat preservation performance is good, and freeze resistance, sound absorption. The average life expectancy of hard foam polyurethane insulation structure, under the condition of normal use and maintenance, can reach more than 30 years. Can do in the life of the structure under the condition of normal use, in a dry, wet and electrochemical corrosion, and because of the insects, fungi or algae growth or due to external influence, such as the destruction of the rodents are not damaged. Phenolic fire insulation board is the composite grade A. - in its use for a long time 250 ℃ ~ 150 ℃, encounter fire non-combustible, under the environment of high temperature drop, softening, only on the surface of carbide. Phenolic insulation board coefficient of thermal conductivity is only 0. 023W/m. K, insulation performance is very good. Phenolic advantages: non-combustible, low thermal conductivity thermal insulation effect is good, sound insulation, good weather resistance, service life is up to more than 30 years. Closed with uniform pore structure, low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation performance, polyurethane and its better than polystyrene foam;

applicable temperature range is big, can be in - in the short term With under 200 ℃ ~ 200 ℃, and can use for a long time under the 140 ℃ ~ 160 ℃, is better than that of polystyrene foam ( 80℃) And polyurethane foam ( 110℃) ;

phenol molecules contain only carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, by pyrolysis, in addition to produce a small amount of CO gas, won't produce other toxic gases, the most great smoky density of 5. 0%. 25 mm thick phenolic foam board after 1500 ℃ flame spray after 10 min, only slightly carbonization is don't wear surface, neither fire nor send out smoke and poisonous gas.

phenolic foam composite panels, except may be strong alkali corrosion resistance can almost all inorganic acid, organic acid, organic solvent. Long-term exposure to sunlight, no obvious aging phenomenon, thus has good aging resistance.
above all widely used polyurethane insulation board, if necessary please itu
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