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Polyurethane insulation board how to judge whether it is qualified

by:Ventech     2020-12-06
Recently, polyurethane insulation board has received attention and won the affirmation, we then a lot of friends interested in it, and put forward the question to me, it's so fire, will someone fraud? How do we determine whether polyurethane insulation board qualified? Small make up leave today to spread for everyone. ,

in general, professionalism, we haven't seen much of it is hard to know how to judge whether it is qualified, then we can with the help of a professional testing standard to help us to judge the character of it, professional testing is usually a relative standard to make its detection, so it is a good solution. Here are a few we can judge polyurethane insulation board and the basis.

  ( 1) Have you qualified national inspection report. Such as the national fireproof construction material quality supervision inspection center to show the test report, a total of nine main inspection items, there are conclusions, a sample product testing. The test content of the project no formal test report should be refused to accept;

  ( 2) Check & other; Countries throughout the test result of the test report & total table; B1 level, material combustion performance testing index key is in the table & other; Burning rate index & throughout; , can achieve & le; 250 w/S is the key. “ Burning rate index & throughout; Is set by the eu testing international standard project, is true of the polyurethane insulation board combustion performance standards will check standard, high requirement of its science and technology. According to the information we have at present, our country enterprise inspection sample products & other; Burning rate index & throughout; , normally only between 300-900 w/S short, short & le; 250 w/S standard belongs to the unqualified heat preservation material;

  ( 3) Refer to inspection report to the conclusion that whether has written at the conclusion of flame retardant B1 level;

  ( 4) Refer to inspection report in the note column the product description, ever & other; Sample surface by fire for any side & throughout; , if you have this paragraph of words, show that the material is issued in accordance with the state of new national standard of homogeneous core material is required for testing. If there is no this text expression, but mark & other Using the calcium silicate board ( Or inorganic material such as sand oar) To send sample back & throughout; Words like that the material is organic material and inorganic material composite sandwich materials. If it even by flame retardant B1 level inspection report, also not easy identification is qualified heat preservation material, this is because the core material of the composite material has not been tested. The new 'code for fire protection design of buildings in the design of composite material, must also increase according to the international practice of core material standards whether testing within the composite board.

  ( 5) Examine the bulk density of inspection insulation materials. Inspection insulation material density is one of the important methods of authentication materials qualified or not. Heat preservation material density is decided to plate thermal conductivity coefficient, strength and dimensional stability of important indicators. Qualified bulk density per cubic meter of thermal insulation material is commonly between 48 and 60 kilograms, but some enterprises to raise the oxygen index, a large number of adding inorganic material, greatly raise the material density, above 100 kilograms per cubic meter, serious damage to the physical structure of thermal insulation material and thermal insulation performance, not only lose heat preservation function, also has the quality problem such as water absorption, shell, fall off. If the density is too low, also not line, it will be deformation, mildew.

qualified inspection standard will be a reassurance to consumers, polyurethane insulation board standard there are a lot of choose and buy, we according to what standard is in accordance with what is your choice, also don't what all kinds of all to consider, this will lead to chaos, on we choose sensible to buy is what we should do.

I believe you on how to determine whether polyurethane insulation board qualified already has a certain standard, you can according to the standard to select qualified polyurethane insulation board. Should not buy fake goods.
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