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Polyurethane insulation board manufacturer's outstanding performance and application field

by:Ventech     2020-12-04
Polyurethane insulation board is the performance of the best heat preservation material in the world. Rigid polyurethane with light weight, low thermal conductivity, good heat resistance, aging resistance, burn easily with other substrate bonding, don't produce the excellent performance, such as drop in European and American countries are widely used in the structure of the roof, walls, ceiling, floor, door to wait as the thermal insulation material.

general by adding flame retardant polyurethane insulation board to improve foam flame retardancy, to slow burning, smoke, even self-extinguishing fire areas. Also can use contain flame retardant element polyol ( The reactive flame retardant) As foam materials. Polyurethane insulation board good chemical stability, resistance to many solvents and oils; Good abrasion resistance, 20 times greater than natural sponge; And good processability, insulation resistance, adhesion, such as performance, is a kind of good performance of the buffer material, but the price is higher.

in polyurethane insulation board, the main function in the condensed phase phosphorous flame retardant, phosphide burns foam decomposition of combustible gas when burning, make it into a difficult combustion of carbon, phosphorus (in the foam P) The content of 1. About 5% when can obtain better flame retardant effect.

polyurethane insulation board manufacturer's product has the following characteristics:

1. In polyurethane rigid foam density of 35 ~ 65 kg/m3, the coefficient of thermal conductivity is only 0. 017-0. 023W/( m& 压力; K) 。 In the practical application of heat preservation material thermal performance is best, low thermal conductivity. In building external wall thermal insulation applications, 10 mm polyurethane insulation board is roughly equivalent to 400 mm clay brick wall heat preservation effect.

  2. Relative to other polymer insulation materials, rigid polyurethane insulation board has higher compression, shear and tensile strength, can adapt to the contact of the normal deformation of base material without the phenomenon such as cracks, empty drum.

  3. Polyurethane insulation board with concrete, clay brick, metal, wood, rubber and glass strength paste or characteristics of the composite.

  4. Because of polyurethane insulation board obturator rate is above 93%, bibulous rate is lower than 3%, the waterproof effect is good.

  5. Rigid polyurethane insulation board in the temperature - 40~+90℃( Metal surface composite polyurethane insulation board suitable temperature range higher) Between the normal use, high dimensional stability, good corrosion resistance and chemical stability.

polyurethane insulation board the prominent performance and application field of

polyurethane board compared with other types of sandwich board advantage is mainly reflected in the performance of anti-corrosion and durable, compressive flexural deformation, adiabatic, fire prevention, etc. Because polyurethane sandwich board performance advantage prominent, so its application scope is quite widespread, such as in the field of architecture. At present, polyurethane plate on top of the architecture is mainly used for building or exterior wall heat insulation, will also be used to build prefabricated houses, some of the warehouse or freezer will use it.

polyurethane insulation board with its unique performance advantages, became known as a thermal insulation material of choice of choose and buy, my company specializing in the production of polyurethane plate, pu heat preservation plate and a series of pu heat preservation material, welcome to choose and buy!
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