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Polyurethane insulation board seeks the development of science and technology innovation

by:Ventech     2020-12-04
My company as one of the excellent pu heat preservation material production factory, the polyurethane insulation board seeks the development of science and technology innovation has a special insight, leudon small make up today to share with you our company's original opinion.

the engineering application of the existing exterior insulation craft rules and design construction craft does not need to change, you only need to reach a level of fire prevention of eps, XPS board, spraying polyurethane thermal insulation material change for hx isolation type polyurethane insulation board is fire prevention. The high precision instrument test invariance good data automatic collecting showed a documentary. Foamed cement cover plate is now wall buy and wall of fire belt is the most ideal. 900 million yuan, both comparisons, visible economic benefit of this system is very significant, LiGuoLi easy close to ensure easy life wealth near fire safe, but also has a comprehensive advantage in environmental protection, recycling, low carbon, believe the market will cross the traditional guarantee system, according to a rate has a huge market potential and economic benefits of the eve. Cover plate smooth paste, drilling with percussion drill, according to the design and installation of anchor bolt. Good sound insulation off the good sound-absorbing material. The bully & ndash; Type 2 building adhesive function necessary DBJ/t - right - 98 freedom of agent application craft discipline construction industry.

a foam concrete density implied plates not eve in kg / 3, shall be not less than the compressive strength of the pa; Table 3 b aerated concrete plates not beautiful kg/density, compressive strength should be not less than 2 pa; Polystyrene implied density of c & le; Kg / 3, the compressive strength is not lower than the pa, coefficient of thermal conductivity of 3 w/k. Because of the ps, pu foam sandwich is flammable, no heat in some rich countries are fire places severe restrictions on the use and expressly defined only use pf a bubble products and sandwich.

common Portland cement foamed polyurethane insulation board in the late strength is high, the late victory over the sulphur aluminate cement intensity difference defects; 。 Material heat preservation material should fit the design and quality specifications defined after heat preservation material to the site shall provide such information of the pass card factory inspection relevant and, in conjunction with the cultivating supervision unit to play materials such as sampling inspection pass after use. Pasting steel wire rack bao polystyrene paste box method, adopt binding mortar with one-component, add water mixing, on average, namely.

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