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Polyurethane insulation board waste recycling is of great significance to energy saving buildings

by:Ventech     2020-12-03
With the rapid development of economy in our country, the real estate industry is becoming more and more popular, and as a result, a large number of old buildings have been demolished, made room for the more magnificent and beautiful building, also produced a lot of construction waste, it will undoubtedly be hindering the development of the city & other; Metabolites & throughout; 。

with the science and technology unceasing enhancement, our country in the aspect of construction waste treatment technology has been very mature. In fact, because the quantity of construction waste is very large, high recycling rate characteristics, so the reasonable technology processing, can realize the recycling use.

because of the high performance polyurethane insulation board and a wide range of USES, its development speed is quite fast, so the recycling of waste products can not only effectively protect the environment, reduce pollution, and can save resources and waste. For polyurethane insulation board waste utilization, from prenatal into economic point of view, in order to direct recycling is good, but, product performance is poorer, only for the use of cheap goods. Seen from the final product performance, or chemical recycling method in alcohol solution, alkali solution and hydrolysis is better, some waste energy recovery method is not suitable for use. At the same time, choose a different processing method and combined with the actual situation, and analyzing the specific issues in order to obtain the best input-output ratio.

construction waste recycling is an effective means to save resources, protect the ecological. After know know that at present our country the construction waste utilization rate is only 30%, far below the level of economic developed countries. Along with energy conservation and environmental protection concept, polyurethane insulation board instantly became the world's most popular building materials. Study shows that the construction waste treatment facilities will be made building wall materials construction waste treatment is feasible, and is a mature.

building materials industry, the base construction, building materials and construction and is the basic industry in our country, is a pillar industry of our country. Actively promote energy-saving building, is the effective protection of cultivated land resources, improve the function of building and living comfort, to promote the structural adjustment of wall materials products, industrial upgrading and construction technology.

our company as a good insulation materials production and sales of manufacturers, in the sales of our products at the same time, we also have responsibility and obligation to waste recycling for energy-saving building of great significance to tell consumers, hope you can do it. Promote the development of energy-efficient buildings. Reduce construction waste.
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