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Polyurethane insulation board

by:Ventech     2020-11-28
Polyurethane insulation board edge

advantage one: thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation,

because hard foam polyurethane thermal insulation layer with excellent closed-cell structure, not only the heat preservation performance is good, and freeze resistance, sound absorption. With excellent heat insulation, sound insulation function, can provide a comfortable, quiet indoor environment, the average life expectancy of hard foam polyurethane insulation structure, under the condition of normal use and maintenance, can reach more than 30 years. Hard foam polyurethane insulation board, under the same heat preservation requirements, and can reduce the thickness of the building envelope, to increase the indoor use area.

second advantage: low moisture absorption, waterproof properties is good

hard foam polyurethane insulation board of obturator rate generally over 90%, bibulous rate & le; 3%, to ensure that it has a longer service life and maintain a long-term heat preservation and heat insulation performance. According to the surveyor to have been used for more than 26 years of polyurethane roofing system detection, investigation of roof in 97. No leakage of roofing, 6% to 93% and there are no more than 1% of the degradation capability of heat preservation.

three advantages: since the strong cohesive force

hard foam polyurethane insulation board with cement, steel, clay, asphalt, wood, glass, plastic and other materials for direct bonding, without any adhesive, bonding strength is greater than its own crack strength, fully meet the requirements of exterior wall thermal insulation engineering technology in China.

advantages 4: physical and chemical performance is stable,

hard foam polyurethane insulation board to adapt to the temperature range is larger, can be in - 50℃本; 150 ℃ under the environment of use for a long time, short-term use temperature can reach 250 ℃, and the bubble does not produce any damage. Physical and chemical properties of rigid polyurethane insulation board is very stable, once forming reaction, insoluble in organic solvents, not affected by waste gas and industrial gases, not rot, resistant plastic, corrosion protection, tasteless, non-toxic. Resistance to deformation ability is strong, not easy craze, facing stability and security.

five advantages: excellent fireproof performance

polyurethane board manufacturers hard foam polyurethane insulation board can achieve fireproof performance requirements for high building insulation materials, namely, B1 and B2 flame retardant standard of building materials, and hard foam polyurethane present in the combustion of inertia, meet fire surface carbonization, won't produce molten combustibility substance, so as to suppress the fire spread, the ignition point is higher than wood. By fire by China construction science research institute of transcendental polyurethane hard foam external wall thermal insulation system of fire prevention experiment showed that hard polyurethane hard foam thermal insulation on exterior wall system in not in case of fire burning fire, flame retardant performance can fully meet the requirements of building external wall fire protection standards.
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