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【 Rigid wall polyurethane plate 】 Good heat preservation performance long service life

by:Ventech     2020-12-05
Hard outer wall polyurethane plate is very popular recently, got everyone's has been recognized, many consumers have chosen it as a thermal insulation material, so the friends have the question, why is it so popular? 0 below small make up will come with everyone science once hard outer wall the characteristics of the polyurethane plate, you will understand why it is popular.

1, rigid polyurethane cladding low thermal conductivity, good thermal performance. When the density of rigid polyurethane as 35 ~ 40 kg/m3, the coefficient of thermal conductivity is only 0. 018-0. 024w/( 该调查) , or the equivalent of about half of the EPS, it is the lowest all heat preservation material coefficient of thermal conductivity.

2, polyurethane material porosity structure stability, is essentially closed pore structure, not only the heat preservation performance is good, and freeze resistance, sound absorption. The average life expectancy of hard foam polyurethane insulation structure, under the condition of normal use and maintenance, can reach more than 30 years. Can do in the life of the structure under the condition of normal use, in a dry, wet and electrochemical corrosion, and because of the insects, fungi or algae growth or due to external influence, such as the destruction of the rodents are not damaged.

3, can effectively prevent the spread of flame. Moreover, polyurethane also does not produce harmful gases at high temperature. Due to the pu board with excellent insulation properties, under the same heat preservation requirements, and can make to reduce the thickness of the building envelope, thus increasing indoor usable floor area.

4, rigid polyurethane panels fire, flame retardant, resistance to high temperature. After adding flame retardant polyurethane, is a kind of flame retardant material, self-extinguishing its softening point can reach more than 250 degrees Celsius, will appear only in high temperature decomposition: in addition, when burnt, polyurethane form carbon deposition in the bubble surface, the carbon deposition help under the isolation layer of froth.

5, resistance to deformation ability is strong, not easy craze, facing stability and security.

6, rigid polyurethane cladding has moisture-proof and waterproof performance. Rigid polyurethane obturator rate above 90%, belong to the hydrophobic material, not due to the increased moisture absorption coefficient of thermal conductivity, metope also won't ooze water.

7, low comprehensive cost performance. Although the rigid polyurethane foam material unit price is higher than other traditional heat preservation material unit price, but the cost of the increase will be offset by the reduction of heating and cooling costs and.

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