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The advantage of polyurethane composite board and the challenge

by:Ventech     2021-01-03
Significant advantage prospects widely:
in recent years, the consumption of polyurethane composite board present a linear increasing trend. Have, according to data from 2005 to 2010, pu heat preservation material in China's average annual growth rate of 16%. “ With polystyrene board ( 每股收益) , extruded polystyrene foam board ( XPS) Compared with polyurethane composite board has the advantages of low thermal conductivity, flame retardant, is the ideal energy-efficient building external wall thermal insulation material. But because of the price is high, pu heat preservation material in building energy-saving materials in China market share is not high, less than 10%. ” Zhengzhou new building materials co. , LTD. , officials said, in a foreign country, polyurethane in building insulation materials market occupy a considerable share of the United States, Japan was 57% 32%. But from another point of view, this shows that pu heat preservation material in China's market potential is tremendous. The industry is expected, & other; Five-year & throughout; During China's exterior wall thermal insulation market scale will reach 100 billion yuan. And the future with the development of low carbon economy route to further advance, pu heat preservation material consumption will have broad space for growth.

at present, our country of polyurethane composite board broad market demand has caused the great attention of foreign manufacturers. Basf, huntsman, bayer and other international chemical companies intensify development of China's market, the development of the worldwide hard foam polyurethane material center of gravity has already begun to shift to China.

the challenge:

but it is worth noting that challenge will coexist with opportunities. In march of this year, the Beijing municipal housing and urban and rural construction committee for the Beijing special of older communities of all business meetings, meeting requirements: & other; This year hard foam polyurethane composite panels to the scene must be thick plaster, the scene of the every insulation board must be through the composite A level detection, and core material must be B1 level. ” This means that, pu heat preservation material to take the lift of green energy-saving building, we must improve production technology, improve production efficiency.

at present A lot of polyurethane composite board production enterprises have been actively to improve production technology, large-scale production of core material for the B1 level, A flame retardant inorganic material with composite grade A hard foam polyurethane composite panels. Zhang Shenglin said, this kind of composite material itself not only keep the polyurethane thermal insulation performance, and has high fire prevention performance, but also can reduce the probability of a fire in the process of construction, this is a trend in the development of pu heat preservation material industry. Under this trend driven, some institutions also launched & other; Inorganic modified polymer materials & throughout; ( The modified flame retardant polyurethane organic high polymer materials and flame retardant inorganic material such as combination of inorganic modified polymer materials) The research project.
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