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The application of phenolic board

by:Ventech     2020-09-30

phenolic plate or internationally recognized among the most promising a new thermal insulation material. Because, this kind of new material and usually rely on polymer resin flame retardant materials have different nature, in the fire is not burning, not melt, wouldn't be sending out toxic fumes, and have light, non-toxic, non-corrosive, heat preservation, and the advantages of energy-saving, sound insulation, and low price, and don't use freon foam, no environmental pollution, good processability, construction is convenient, its comprehensive performance is unmatched by all kinds of insulation materials.

senior gm in hotels, apartments, hospitals, etc and the central air conditioning system of high-rise building insulation ( Hong Kong's senior building central air conditioning system has been most use phenolic foam) 。 Cold insulation for cold storage, cold storage and used in the petrochemical industry pipeline and equipment, building partition wall, outer wall heat preservation of the composite board, ceiling, sound-absorbing board has the undisputed comprehensive advantages, such as fire prevention performance is not ideal, solved the other organic materials and inorganic material bibulous rate is big, easy to 'condensation', construction problems such as skin tickling, is air conditioning system, all kinds of electric equipment of the third generation of the best thermal insulation material.
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