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The characteristics of the composite phenolic insulation board is what?

by:Ventech     2020-10-08
What we call composite phenolic insulation board is a kind of hard to insulation, phenol and formaldehyde, its main composition is our phenolic insulation board manufacturer production are mainly composite phenolic insulation board, caigang phenolic insulation board, phenolic aluminum foil insulation board, phenolic insulation board is in accordance with national standards.

our factory production of the main characteristic of the phenolic insulation board it is non-combustible, low smoke, can resistance to high temperature. The second phenolic insulation board is still has a lot of oh.

a, fire prevention performance, it is made of phenolic foam, phenolic foam material is difficult to burn, so as a composite phenolic modified phenolic foam insulation board insulation board and fire prevention performance is very excellent.

2, insulation performance, composite phenolic insulation board insulation ability is very strong, and has good thermal insulation, its coefficient of thermal conductivity is much lower than market of other organic air conditioning insulation materials, so some modified phenolic foam insulation board of energy-saving sex is good.

3, in terms of quality and water absorption, the quality of compound phenolic insulation board is relatively light, generally the bulk density of composite phenolic insulation board is 30 kilos per cubic meter, in addition, as some caigang phenolic insulation board or phenolic aluminum foil insulation board is not bibulous, but either way, as long as it is a phenolic insulation board, it's not bibulous, so don't worry be rain can damage problem.

4, on the safe environmental protection, composite phenolic insulation board if a kind of green environmental protection product, it not only environmental protection, and it's non-toxic no stimulation of insulation materials, so that is does not have a harm to human body.

five, in terms of use, the use of compound phenolic insulation board is very extensive, it is not only used in the insulation of the air conditioning system, as some workshop, curtain wall, roof, room cabinet and so on to have used on the place of thermal insulation.

6, phenolic insulation board construction, all the mortar bonding method is adopted, to start from the bottom, have to wait 24 h after bonding in the construction of the protective layer, after then every 24 h in the construction, general new production of composite phenolic insulation plate should be used only to 21 days.

our manufacturer has a unique formula, phenolic insulation board and we use phenolic insulation board production equipment is advanced equipment.

if you want to buy must come to us this, our composite phenolic insulation board can reach your ideal phenolic insulation board.

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