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The mechanical properties of polyurethane board

by:Ventech     2020-12-05
Rigid polyurethane plate can be widely used in colored steel sandwich board, central air conditioning, building wall materials, cold storage, freezer, incubator, chemical tanks, and other fields.

the PU elastomer hardness range is wide, can A10 shaw the D80, elongation at break of up to 600% ~ 800%. The highest shaw and natural rubber hardness is only A70, elongation at break was 550%. High tear strength of PU elastomer, 2 ~ 5 times larger than that of natural rubber. PU elastomer high resilience, damping effect is good. PU elastomer wearability for 3 ~ 10 times of natural rubber.

the mechanical properties of polyurethane board also is unmatched by any other thermal insulating materials, believe that its unique performance advantages will put it to the climax.
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