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The performance and characteristic of polyurethane composite panels to choose materials

by:Ventech     2020-12-01
1 waterproof insulation hard foam polyurethane composite board

hard foam polyurethane composite panels for rigid polyurethane thermal insulation layer, single attachment is surface layer with high strength cement fiberboard, in a dedicated production line of high pressure foaming, a molding compound, using polyurethane self-adhesive combine insulation and high strength cement fiberboard is firm, bonding is very reliable, composite panels can be large-scale industrialized production, product quality can be better control, integral precast rigid polyurethane composite thermal insulation system is the exterior wall thermal insulation system more perfect, the system is developed based on the overall concept, aiming at shortcomings existing in current in the external wall thermal insulation engineering item by item, solve, waterproof, thermal insulation, decoration craft together, from the perspective of the overall solution to the outer wall cracking, leakage.

2 excellent thermal insulation properties

40 mm thick insulation layer adopts precast rigid polyurethane composite board. Rigid polyurethane has excellent thermal insulation properties, has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity and high thermal resistance, polyurethane (pu) is the best thermal insulation material on the market at present, the coefficient of thermal conductivity is only 0. 023 w/mk, heat preservation effect, same thickness for half of the EPS board, can achieve good energy saving effect.

3 good entirety, binding and firm, anti-collision crack

precast rigid polyurethane composite panels by anchoring fixed to the wall, and the adhesive sheet with 1 cm gap between using polyurethane foam rubber bridge. Through the foam insulation and good connection effect, strengthen connection joints with VA adhesive waterproof cloth.

4 good waterproof performance, resistance to freezing and thawing permeability good

hard foam polyurethane composite thermal insulation system has a good waterproof performance, and can prevent the rain erosion of the wall, use of inorganic panel of the test show that the freezing and thawing alternation thirty times the status of the performance was not significantly reduce the cracking.

5 long life

the system USES pu heat preservation material has good weatherability, composite board in a long period of stable state of non exposed.

6 fireproof performance good

to join in the process of foaming efficient flame retardant insulation layer to achieve B1 level fire performance, when the fire broke out polyurethane outer form a protective layer of coking, carbide blocking oxygen, from self-extinguishing fire, high temperature melting, dripping, inhibition of fire spread; Polyurethane thermal insulation composite panels for prefabricated high strength cement fiber surface at the factory in advance, polyurethane thermal insulation layer basic don't appear in the construction process, and thus greatly reduce the possibility of a fire in the process of construction.
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