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The product of manufacturer of polyurethane board characteristics basic introduction

by:Ventech     2020-12-03
Our company is a company specializing in the production of polyurethane board manufacturers, our company production of polyurethane board are superior in quality, easy to use. Construction engineering widely application, it is by organic diisocyanate isocyanate with two or more hydroxyl or polyol addition polymerization.

is a kind of rigid polyurethane, polyurethane board of its thermal performance is good, low thermal conductivity. Has moisture-proof, waterproof performance, belong to the hydrophobic material, not because of the increased moisture absorption coefficient of thermal conductivity, metope also won't ooze water.

1, the engineering protection advantage

polyurethane composite board has the environmental protection, health, non-combustible, its characteristics of strong adaptability to temperature. Good insulation, can greatly reduce the heat loss; Non-combustible, completely conform to the requirements of the modern building fire protection; Light weight, can reduce the building load, and convenient installation; Durable, long service life; Energy conservation and environmental protection.

2, high efficiency and energy saving,

polyurethane composite board exterior wall heat resistance and heat resistance after long-term use of retention, effectively reduce the energy consumption of buildings, and greatly improved the living comfort. Is the national key promotion of high efficiency and energy saving products.

3 B1 level, fire prevention performance

polyurethane composite board exterior wall, for the B1 level fire prevention materials, the most outstanding characteristic is flame retardant, low smoke, resistance to high temperature gaps, light quality, good insulation, good heat resistance and good dimensional stability, low amount of smoke, won't melt, no drop, the flame penetration resistance is strong, can effectively prevent the spread of the fire and burn. The use of special process of phenolic foam board, its fire rating up to A level above.

4, increased wall waterproof and moistureproof sex

with polymer modified mortar and continuous uniform wall, make the system has good toughness and waterproof and overcome the aerated concrete, concrete hollow brick wall waterproofing and gas tightness of poor shortcomings.

5, building fire protection advantage

good burning resistance: one is the ability to prevent the spread of flame, the partial adiabatic materials produce flame, the flame itself will not spread out; Second, adiabatic performance of material itself, even in burning material side, on the other side of the temperature rise and cause fire spread. Phenolic foam board, material and structure decide the product have similar coefficient of expansion and aluminum neither burning or deformation, burning won't melt, without dripping, the characteristics of low smoke and almost do not produce carbon monoxide poisonous gas when burning.

our company introduced you to the product characteristics of polyurethane board, hope can help to further understand it, apply it better, better play to the characteristics of it.
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